Small Stakes Cash Games Hand 1

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This is a home live game where Blinds are .25 and .50 and the buy-in starts with $40. usuall medium Raises are around $5 , A good isolation bet is around $ 8,- $10. In the middle of the game, everyone will have an average of around $200 chip and there will be some small stake buy-in for $40.
It's a full table, with all type of players. There are players Who always limps with Aces and Ace kings and player who raises A10 offsuit from early position and also there are calling masters. Its hard to make people fold even with pot size bet.

Here is the Hand 1

Preflop Action
Small -.25
BB- .50
UTG 1 -.50
UTG 2 -.50
Hero MP1 :KS: :JS: Stack around $75 .Raise $5
MP 2 Calls $5 Stack around ($12)
MP 3 and other fold
Button Calls $ 5 Stack around ( $200)
Small, BB, UTG1 and UTG2 Folds

We got Three Way to the Flop

Pot is now - $16.25

flop :TC: :8C: :5S:

Hero: Not a great flop for me, Have two high cards 6 outs and 3 Card lush .. I have around 24% + Flush draw another 16% . I think this is a good candidate for CBEt around $10 but Player behind me was short stacked he is not going to fold anyway and villain has a huge pot, He sometimes likes to chase, So don't want to bloat the pot and checked.

Question 1: Not sure if this is a good way to play?

MP2 Shoves all in for $7

Button Calls

Hero Calls ( I have some equity , I put MP 2 ( with any JT+ Hand around 64 combo, or Any Suited connected hand 45S+ 7 combos or 55, 88,TT which are around 9 combos . He will also do that with J5 +Suited hand 4 combo and J8suited combo 4 combo). Though i am behind, I have a backdoor flush draw and two over card, So I called)

Question 2 , Not sure if this is a good call? Thoughts

Villain Calls

Pot is now -37.25

Turn :KH:

Hero: I put $5 bet ( Not sure why I did that, I have a Table image of being a tight player. When I put any bet people automatically put me for a Top Pair or Two pair. Thought i never had success in bluffing this table, Usually, its multi way pot and some or other short stack will call me) So maybe putting the value bet for $5

Villain Puts $25

I tanked and put him on KT (6 combos), 8T (9 combos) and I didn't put him on any drawing hand while playing and I fold but now while reviewing I think He might semi-bluff with any 2 club holding ( 45c+ to 10J (5 combos) 9J ( 16 combos)) Hands, I have beat him 74% time then he beat with 2 pair plus 36 % time , Its a 67% POt odd
for EV calculation EV = (74%*87.25 - 36%*25) I am getting a positive EV, Also I think he might double barrel with any hand and will put me all in , Now that also gets me postive EV.

I FOLD and the villain shows :8C: :9C: and the MP1 Shows two Clubs.

What do you think, THis is my first off table steady on my hand, Please let me know if my math part is right, or anything else should I do as part off table steady.

This was an interesting show from him, Where I and one more player used his semi-bluff and made some money, I will put that hand shortly.


  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,144 ✭✭✭✭
    I think that if flop is :TC: :8C: :5S: and Villain shows :9C: :8C: , you've a deck or a cheater issue :')
  • EazzyEazzy Red Chipper Posts: 964 ✭✭✭✭
    So you checked and then when it got shoved and called, you called.....if I read this correctly....

    I think this is just a check fold....your oop...Your against calling stations...If you bet you probably have to barrel and really don't know what a good or bad turn card is for you oop.....

  • AceBalaAceBala Red Chipper Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Red wrote: »
    I think that if flop is :TC: :8C: :5S: and Villain shows :9C: :8C: , you've a deck or a cheater issue :')
    Red wrote: »
    I think that if flop is :TC: :8C: :5S: and Villain shows :9C: :8C: , you've a deck or a cheater issue :')

    My bad, He showed :TS: :9C:

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