Splash Pot Player Adjustments

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BBJ and HH threads have specifically discussed strategies if you find yourself in a room that offers theses bonuses. In essence, don’t change your basic approach, and continue to play aggressively against limpers who just want to see a flop.
The two poker rooms I frequent offer splash pot bonuses too. They are funded by rake just like BBJ and HH promos. A table is chosen randomly every 30 minutes during certain hours and awarded pre flop $50 or $100 depending on the room. The presence of the bonus causes players to lose their minds and go all in with basically nothing, a real zoo. Yes the rake is ridiculous, but that’s a discussion for another thread.
I am looking for feedback beyond “play better hands”. Suggested ranges, IP and OOP? If you’re deep, concerns about getting it all in against another deep stack? Big cards rule? Realized equity should be going up in these situations, so value of AK should skyrocket, correct?


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    The math in splash pots doesn't change. What change is that as the reward is way higher, you can go in with lower equity hands. Yet they will loose often, but when they hit, they hit a bigger pot because of this dead money, making them nonetheless +EV.
    For the same reason that a BB can profitably call with an extremely wide range even against UTG when ante are in play : there is more dead money to allow 74s to be +EV against a tight UTG range, despite being way behind and OOP.

    To avoid too big of a swing, I'll go with hands to the nuts: AXs, TT+ and AJ+ - with which we could even go all-in preflop. If IP, some SC and big suited broadways can call a raise, as it will be easier to fold on the flop if we whiff it and easy to continue when we hit strong equity,

    (Yet watch out how much the splash $ is in BB. Having a 10BB or a 50BB bonus change the EV a lot !)
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    There is no right way

    Everyone is going to lose their marbles as soon as the splash hits (including you). It's a matter of degree. For some players you can actually hear the marbles hitting the ground as the supervisor is standing with the splash waiting for the current hand to be over

    Just be the guy with a plan. It's going to be different every table you are at. Be flexible. Splash pots are not really conducive to static ranges.

    Who will shove preflop with the widest range to take it down? Who will play honestly? When you are EP,MP,LP.... where are the Lagtards going to be? Is it possible to achieve isolation with this group?

    Take a break from watching GOT on your phone and think about it a bit BEFORE they draw the table

    Have fun

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