What would you do on this river?

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Hand n°1/1 - 6/10/19

9 players - Blinds 1/2

SB - Hero (150 - 75BB) [A♣︎6♣︎]
BB - (200 - 100 BB)
CO (150 - 75BB)
BTN (150 - 75BB) [??]

Preflop (Pot size: 0)
Hero posts small blind 1
BB posts big blind 2
UTG folds
UTG+1 folds
UTG+2 folds
MP folds
HJ folds
CO calls 2
BTN calls 2
Hero calls 1. With 2 limps I figure this is a decent complete with my suited ace. BB was relatively tight and had checked his option when able most of the day. I was wary of raising because I had won a couple of hands prior before showdown and didn't want to get 3-bet if someone thought I was getting out of line.
BB checks

Flop (Pot size: 8) [2♠︎5♠︎6♠︎]
Hero bets 7. I figured I rated to have the best hand here most of the time, but I did not want to give a free card to drawing hands, when I could get thin value out of my top pair. My intention was to fold if I got raised, as my opponents seemed mostly straight forward.
BB folds
CO folds
BTN calls 7. At this point, I figure he could have some sort of small suited connector which caught a piece of the flop, an underpair like 33 or 44, or a decent flushdraw. I think a set or overpair is unlikely, because he would want to raise with it to chase away drawing hands.

Turn (Pot size: 22) [J♦︎]
Hero bets 17.
BTN calls 17. His call tells me he could still be on a draw or have some piece of the flop, likely a pair (or caught a pair on the turn)

River (Pot size: 56) [K♥︎]
Hero bets 35. I'm a bit concerned about a check here showing weakness, as I would have a hard time calling a bet from a missed flushdraw with just a pair of sixes. I also don't want to check and have him check behind with a jack.
BTN calls 35. Once he calls, I'm expecting him to show a jack, king, or weak flush. I'm pleasantly surprised when i showdown my hand, and he flashes a 6 and mucks. I won the hand but felt somewhat lost on the river. I’m looking for others’ advice both on how to navigate the river as played, and how tips for decisions earlier in the hand to make my river decision easier.

Summary (Pot size: 126)
Hero shows [A♣︎6♣︎]
BTN shows [6♦︎]

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  • BTUBTU Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Red wrote: »
    There are 2 limpers... do you think they will limp/3bet often ? What hand do they limp then ?
    Is BB naturally aggressive or is he smart enough to see a frequency issue and try to adjust to an eventually out of line bet ?

    Both of the limpers I'd seen limp in before, and cold call raises of up to $20. Betting at this pot and then having it be $60+ on the flop (even without a 3-bet) I think can cause a lot of awkward situations for me on the flop, when OOP.

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