$1/$3 NLHE Live Hand - Time to Call, Shove, or Fold?

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$1/$3 NLHE Live Hand

Hero: :As:8s early position ($500)
Someone straddled the pot in front of me for $10 which put me in early position preflop….
$50ish in the pot preflop, 4 players

Flop :6s:7c:9s

This is about as juicy as it gets. I’m open ended with a nut flush draw.

Hero: bet $25
V1: folds
V2: shoves for $147. (I’m on alert now…I suspect a made straight but I’m fine calling him here)
V3: ($400ish) is a dealer from the casino (that was recently terminated). He 's not an idiot. He is thinking hard, looking at the board, checking his cards. I’ve now decided that he’s on an inferior flush draw and he’s deciding whether he wants to get involved. (I’m thinking about my limited outs now after if there’s a made nut straight and V3 has some of my flush cards, and lack of straight cards, ugh…my plan might be changing.) V3 reluctantly gets involved with a $147 call…still $250 back.
$369 in the pot.

Me: I check my cards again…and I’m facing a made straight and a flush draw (with 2-3 of my flush outs gone, and some of my straight outs gone…and if I hit my straight, I might have the sucker straight or the same straight). The math sucks here and is difficult live. I look at my cards again and I only have Ace high…with a draw. Only a draw and it is not as good of a draw as I thought. It’s $122 to call. Man…so tough here because I can’t do the math in my head but I think I’m positive EV here..but how positive? I have 7 outs to win….but couldn’t figure out my chop outs. I thought forever and finally folded…. And I don’t think it was the right play but I’m still way up on the session.

V2 tables :8d:Td for the nut straight.
V3 tables :3s:5s (had a gutter and a flush draw)

Thinking after the hand...
I think the pot odds were too good here and the possibility of my outs being gone affected my judgement. I’m going to go back and do the pot odds to drawing odds math and see where I sat on this. I could have probably jammed or just called and checked it down if I didn’t hit my flush. Implied odds would have given me $250+ extra dollars if V3 would have made his inferior flush. More cause to call the $122 post flop.
But...this is all dependent on if my live reads were correct...which they happen to have been.

In my after study...

Pot odd given to me after the post flop bet, jam, and call = 3:1
My equity = 33.758%
Implied odds from V3 after the post flop bet, jam, and call = ?

From Core, it says that I only need 25% equity for a 3:1 offering here. I had much more...but again...only if my live reads were 100%. What if V3 had a set? it all changes.

So was a call the best play here facing the shove and a call?


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    I'm not sure what happened to the card icons..they would have been helpful here.
  • CASEY MCASEY M Red Chipper Posts: 168 ✭✭
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    Card icons as well as preflop action would be helpful.
    I’m getting it all in on this flop.
    You asked what if your read on V3 was wrong and he has a set.... well then you’d have more outs to the flush.... unless he had 9T with the T ♠️ Or 9T without a spade or TJ or.....
    lots of hands you’re ahead of here.
    FWIW.... middling suited Aces aren’t in my EP range on a full table..... tend to get in too many tricky spots
  • BoilerAceBoilerAce Red Chipper Posts: 460 ✭✭✭
    For whatever reason, the card icons are not working. All I get is emoji faces when I hit the “spade” button.

    There was a straddle and calls preflop. I didn’t memorize this action because it wasn’t IMO important to this hand.

    Thanks for the advice. I messed they hand up. I have to learn better when to get it all in.

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