How Can I Improve My Game?

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This thread is mainly to find areas where I can improve my game,and a personal stay disciplined kind of blog.Sometime it feels like I know that I should do something but I end up doing something else (as in "There is no way V is going to fold trips on this river,but I will try to bluff him anyway with my 9high missed flush draw" kind of thing.
Hopefully by having all of this stuff written I can be more focused on concious decission making while playing instead of autopiloting.

Started playing a year ago in those daily low stakes turbo tournaments available in most casinos.
After a while,I tried some online tournaments on Pokerstars.
Since I was rather looking for hitting a good score instead of playing well,my game improvement was stuck.

~I want to:
Switch from using my disposable income paying for poker into poker as a source of disposable income.

Before that,I will start with the micros online,to get my fundamentals on point.

The idea is to start with cash games at 2NL (Zoom,6 Max and full ring)until having around 30-40 buy ins to move to the next stake,and few (but far less) tourneys/sng.
I do love tournaments,however I think is better to get some postflop abilities by playing more cash games.

I also like playing live,but I am currently not rolled for live cash games,so instead of sitting with scared money I prefer to put the volume in online.
Ocasionally I would play those high variance daily tournaments to try to grow a bankroll for playing in better structured tournaments or for live cash games.Or simply for the enjoyment of live poker.

~Goals right now:
Play 15000 hands per month.

Review more hands with Flopzilla in a deeper way to find leaks.

2 Tabling Max until I get more consistent results (I started to add two extra tables on my third or forth session and it did not work out lol)

Fix my blue and red line.
~Current Graph:

Based on my graph,where can I improve my game?

Maybe is not a big sample size but my graph with 2k hands in Party Poker seems like is going in to the same direction so I think that there is something that I could do differentely.

Some stats (June2019) 2NL
6Max (4000 hands)
VPIP: 30.57
PFR: 23.03
Total AF: 2.15
3Bet PF: 7.64
Fold to PF 3Bet: 54.73
Att to Steal: 39.96
Fold to Steal: 70.28
CBet F: 61:05
Fold to F CBet: 30.48

BTN VPIP 34.10 PFR 26.90 3B PF 4.35
CO VPIP 30.57 PFR 27.52 3B PF 4.61
MP VPIP 26.83 PFR 24.85 3B PF 1.41
EP VPIP 25.29 PFR 24.82 3B PF -
BB VPIP 29.48 PFR 10.62 3B PF 10.08
SB VPIP 34.20 PFR 22.72 3B PF 9.07
6Max Zoom (2000 hands)
VPIP: 29.96
PFR: 23.21
Total AF: 2.89
3Bet PF: 15.15
Fold to PF 3Bet: 65.69
Att to Steal: 34.55
Fold to Steal: 60.63
CBet F: 57.83
Fold to F CBet: 29.27
Full Ring (1800 hands)
VPIP: 29.32
PFR: 21.86
Total AF: 1.95
3Bet PF: 8.10
Fold to PF 3Bet: 65.93
Att to Steal: 41.83
Fold to Steal: 57.45
CBet F: 59.18
Fold to F CBet: 33.82
Full Ring Zoom (2800 hands)
VPIP: 23.80
PFR: 19.34
Total AF: 1.86
3Bet PF: 12.58
Fold to PF 3Bet: 59.40
Att to Steal: 29.90
Fold to Steal: 63.81
CBet F: 54.91
Fold to F CBet: 33.33

If anything,I'll post some hands in the future.

Looking forward to your suggestions,




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    Ok,so this month so far my I've been spewing due to mixing Zoom and regular 6 max tables in the same session.

    ~Current Overall Graph

    ~NL2 FR Zoom Graph

    ~6Max NL2 Graph (Note how approaching those tables the same way as in Zoom affects my winrate)

    I remember when I started playing poker.As I said,it was in those daily tourneys where there's alot of limping from any position with wide ranges.
    In one of these tournaments,a maniac sat at my table.
    One hand was when UTG opened,Maniac from MP 3B,4B from UTG,5B shove from Maniac with pocket 66 that holds vs UTG AK.
    Another hand was EP open KQs,two or three callers,Maniac from BU 3B,EP calls.Flop KQx one suit.EP shoves,Maniac snap calls with J5 flopped flush and holds.
    As a nitty guy starting, I was impressed on how the maniac was taking pots,making pretty much everyone to fold with unusual big bet sizes on any streets or running good.
    From there,I though that aggressive poker was winning poker.

    Fast forward,and I saw the beneficial effects of being aggressive in those tournaments.
    Picking up on opponents to steal blinds from,I would open raise any two cards,and take pots with 3/4 size pot CBets kind of thing.
    However the more thinking players would notice on what I was doing and started to play back,and I would usually bust due to lack of readjustment.
    On the other hand,when I really got deep in those tourneys was when I played tightish at the early stages,running good at the middle stages where is basically push/fold mode because of stack sizes and more "normal poker" at the FT.

    So yeah,while being a LAG/maniac can be profitable in some situations,overall I don't think is really a style of play that suits my personality as a default strategy.

    That being said,and with Ed Miller quote in The Course, "All the money you make playing poker at any level will come from players who call or raise too much." in mind ,this month I will try to level up my preflop standard approach.
    Less calling or raising with mediocre hands,and less auto barreling post flop.
    Having opening charts from any position and etc is actually easy,so where I am going to try to focus on,is in table dynamics,cold calling/3bet/4 bet etc etc..

    ~Goals July 2019:
    Stop being a spewerlaggyfish at Zoom on pokerstars,probably not playing Zoom at all.

    Play between 5k-10k hands NL2 6Max (less volume than previously planned,but hopefully more 'serious' sessions and less autopilot).

    Couple of sessions of online MTT's or SNG's. (Once or twice every two weeks)

    Couple of live low buy in tourneys for the love of live poker. (Once or twice every two weeks)

    Preflop oriented study (from all positions 6 Max,however I am going to ignore focus less in July on how to improve my game from the blinds, until I have ingrained in my subconscious some fundamentals about how to play from the rest of positions)

    Anyway,I have two hands in my mind from few months ago at 1-2 live where I probably could do things different.Let me know what you think:

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    1-2 Live.Hero is new at the table,no reads,probably the 1st hand dealt.Hero in the hand is effective stack with ~220

    Button opens ~10 (can't really remember if it was 6,7,or10 to be honest)
    Hero in the SB QQ flat.
    BB 3B ~60
    Button and Hero calls.
    Flop is Kxx two clubs (I dont have the Q of clubs).
    Hero checks,BB checks,BU bets small,Hero calls,BB raises (to an amount that I can't remember,but puts Hero All in),BU folds.
    Hero calls and QQ is good. (Before the runout BB asked if I wanted to run it twice,however we did not since the pot was not big enough according to the rules of the casino to do it or something like that,therefore I guess BB had Ax of clubs)

    What could I've done different apart of the obvious 3Bet Vs BU Open?
    Fold Flop and hate life?

    If I 3 Bet preflop and get called by BB,then on the flop X/F? (probably not because of SPR,right?)
    X/C evaluate turn?
    X/Raise All in?
    CBet/ReraiseAll in or CBetF Shove turn?
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    Different day,another hand, involving a big pocket pair.
    1-2 Live.Hero new to the table,one or two orbit after sitting gets JJ EP.Hero is Effective stack with around ~200.Straddle pot so 1-2-5.
    Hero Opens to 15.
    Folds to Straddle,who 3B to ~75.
    Hero 4Bet All in and JJ is good on a Q high rainbow disconnected board.

    So,in this hand.anything that could be different?
    Call 3Bet,and fold Vs Cbet on the Q high flop?
    Call 3Bet,Call Vs Cbet and hate life again on Q high flop,and then evaluate turn?
    Bet Vs Straddle check on the flop,fold or reraise shove if he raises?
    If flop is check check,get to showdown no matter how (trying to extract value somehow)?


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    @John_Blanco the HHs will likely get more attention if you post them here:
    Moderation In Moderation
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    As you noted, your blue and red lines are very a-typical. Normally people have positive blue lines and negative red lines.

    This suggests that you are fearless when it comes to applying pressure, but getting hammered whenever someone looks you up. Which can sometimes indicate that you are firing one barrel too much. Many opponents at this limit might fold too often against your turn barrels, for instance, which means when they DO call your turn barrel it's likely with a range that has minimal interest in folding to your river bet. So the turn bet can be good, while the river bet (which is much larger in comparison) is getting you crushed in blue line.

    That exact example may not be the troublemaker for you - but the underlying concept is almost certainly there.

    I would suggest setting a filter for spots where the final pot was 50BB+ and start poking around there. See if there are just tons of coolers, lots of bad barrels, or lots of loose call downs. The issue at this stake is likely a mixture of the last two - but this filter will give you some good hands to study and/or share on the forum =)
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    SplitSuit wrote: »
    This suggests that you are fearless when it comes to applying pressure, but getting hammered whenever someone looks you up. Which can sometimes indicate that you are firing one barrel too much.


    I had (still have sometimes) the same issue. Another explanation could be a bad analysis or understanding of board texture and putting pressure where we shouldn't.

    During the WSOP I had 2 bad sessions, 1st one after landing was a bad one. When I reviewed 3-4 expensive lost spots one day later, I noticed that I played speewy and either should not have bet/raise on this spot and/or not with this exact holding.
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    Your starting ranges are too wide (a bit) and your bluffing too much....(again red line blue line)...

    Tighten up your starting ranges and a lot of your other problems will go away...
    1. BTN VPIP 34.10 PFR 26.90 3B PF 4.35
      CO VPIP 30.57 PFR 27.52 3B PF 4.61
      MP VPIP 26.83 PFR 24.85 3B PF 1.41
      EP VPIP 25.29 PFR 24.82 3B PF -
      BB VPIP 29.48 PFR 10.62 3B PF 10.08
      SB VPIP 34.20 PFR 22.72 3B PF 9.07

    mp of 27% means you are playing some pretty bad hands my guess is ....kto QTo JTo.....some suited 2 gappers ....what ever. Even hands like ATo and KJo can be a bit tricky to play and untill you get better may be a fold.

    When you play a wide hit flops with a lot of get rid of the junk you have to fold too much, call too much, or bluff too much...guess which one your doing...

    You seem to have too much raw aggression. Learn to hand read (well work on it)...understand lines and board textures....and how they merge with ranges.....I took notes on every on every video, book, hand posting..on what pthe coach or posters reads were and why they had that read... Even too this day they are the only notes I regularly review...

    Learn to figure out when they are weak and attack it....and for now (and IMO for quite a while) ignore GTO aggression ideas attack weakness don't just bet because you can or you need to be more aggressive.

    A good place to start is sit down and think (maybe write out) how your average reg at 2nl plays diffrent parts of his range... when your the pre flop aggressor....

    He check calls the flop with...any pair...any draw...sometimes A high...
    He check calls the tern with top pair and good draws....(folds other pairs and top pair hands)
    He calls the river with good top pairs +..

    On drawy boards he check raises the flop with two pair + and over pairs....but check calls /check calls... donks with big hands on dry boards..

    or maybe they donk out top pair ok kicker and 2nd pair type hands but check call draws, and check raise big hands...

    Make an educated guess, then base your play around this...if they always check raise big hands by the turn...they can't have big hands on the if they fold one pair hands...time to triple barrel type thing...

    but if they always think you bet missed draws on the river and call down light..then if draws missed by the river....don't bluff...

    I'm not saying these are your reads...but you want to start with a guess as to how they play different part of their ranges...and then watch how they play and see if your right....(if your wrong for now it will cost you some money but you will improve)...

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    Thanks everyone for your responses!

    What I think that I've being doing wrong is exactly that.Barreling in bad spots or turning the weakest (and even medium) part of my range into a bluff.
    Specially in big pots where I feel like "deserving" the pot for being the preflop raiser or having pretty hole cards in bad board runouts,I should find more often the fold button instead of dragging the bet slicer to all in. (Like having KK and triple barrel on a A high board out of position in a 3 bet pot kind of thing..)

    In the meantime I'll keep putting volume in those preflop orientated sessions and soon enough analyze hands to get some basics of hand reading and population lines with different part of their ranges.

    By the way,what other filters in PT4 do you guys reckon are useful for begginers to start analyzing hands or look for general leaks?

    What I have right now is:

    -3Bet Pots (Raised Preflop Any 3 Bet AND Saw Flop)
    -Showdown (Hands went to Showdown)
    -Big Pots (Pot Size Big Blinds Between 45 and 100)

    Thanks again!
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    By the way,what other filters in PT4 do you guys reckon are useful for begginers to start analyzing hands or look for general leaks?

    What I have right now is:

    -3Bet Pots (Raised Preflop Any 3 Bet AND Saw Flop)
    -Showdown (Hands went to Showdown)
    -Big Pots (Pot Size Big Blinds Between 45 and 100)

    Thanks again!

    When I played on line I tried to use all sorts of stats...had them color coded...looked at how different players set their up ...and I believe it hurt my game...

    Leaning how to watch a game and how players play is how you get good at poker not (and this is where I went wrong) learning how to read a hud. Just use a simple quickly characterize players, then check your assumption on how that group plays by watching them play

    I would recomend a really simple hud for now...just Vpip Rp and and 3 bet...and thats it...

    Don't multi the games...learn how they are playing....make assumption and check to see if they are right...

    A wet noodle 22 3 1 ......limps and calls an agro reg....25 23 7
    On a k83ss goes check check...what does agro reg have...wet noodle..
    on turn 5d....agro reg bet 3/4 pot...we noodle calls....
    on river wet noodle bet 1/2 pot agro reg folds....

    what type of hands do you think they have...would that fit your assumption on both players....

    You might also want to play more full ranges tend to be tighter, and players tend to play straight forward... it makes learning a lot easier...

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    Eazzy wrote: »
    Don't multi the games...learn how they are playing....make assumption and check to see if they are right...
    And I think this is my July's mistake.

    Opening 4 tables,not really following the action in none of them.

    I think is some sort of "kill boredom mentality" the fact that I open more tables.

    I mean,some of those easy spots (open from UTG,BB calls.Cbet,BB folds) were kind of automated,however when there is more action in later streets I could barely remember what was the line taken from Villain(s) or me ("Did I 3Bet preflop?? Oh no That was on the other table.."

    Another leak,which can be divided in two,is that I had been trying to extract stacks from weaker players,and then get stacked myself. I guess that's the entitlement tilt thingy.
    Against players that play nearly every single hand,opening my ranges way tooooo wide trying to get in pots with them,(maybe in fear that they'll leave the table?),I feel like my "standard" game becomes anything but standard,and end up playing their game (playing nearly every hand..)

    The second part of the leak is that after losing stacks,I try to recover them ASAP (tilted,maybe opening more tables martingale style..),which,you know..snowball effect etc etc.

    Sometimes I forget that my priority is to learn how to play instead of growing the bankroll.

    ~Overall Graph (I stopped Zoom at the moment so,I'll stop posting it)

    ~NL2 6Max from start until now

    ~NL2 6Max July19

    Goals August 2019
    -Quality volume over quantity volume.
    ~Less new technical concepts to study,instead,apply what I've been digesting about preflop,and play postflop with my current "standard" game,trying to find where my leaks are in the following months.
    ~Start to read a poker mindset/tilt/psychology related book.

    Which book do you guys suggest to read first? (planning to get 3 of them,but not sure which one would be the best to start)
    The mental game of poker,the mental game of poker 2,or elements of poker?


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    Like others have said your VPIP is too high! This should be an easy fix. With two tables open + import/save all your preflop ranges into flopzilla and have a glance at it while playing.

    Both MGOP and EOP are good but Elements of Poker is still my favorite poker book of all time :)
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    Running Good Feels Good.

    ~NL2 6Max current lifetime graph
    (yesss,finally on the positive side with changes in the direction of red and blue lines..!)

    ~NL2 6Max AUG19
    Overall adjusments applied (besides mental approach/tilt awareness etcetc),
    ..less overplaying marginal hands out of position
    ..accepting that folding instead of raising is fine sometimes (is ok to not win ALL the pots) lol

    I gave a quick glance at this:
    Will re read again putting special emphasis on the points that I personally feel affect my current mindset.

    I am not paying too much attention to the HUD while playing,since I'll eventually put my volume live when BR allows it.(Maybe some checking to the HUD when facing 3bets to see if the opponent is likely to be 3betting light,but that's about it)
    Instead,I try to keep focus on table dynamics and how the table is playing in that specific moment/session.
    However,I like to mess around with stats off the table to see if I can spot potential leaks of mine or of the general population (Not going to lie,I could have done more in depth hand reviews).
    Having said that,what do you guys think I could improve according to my current stats?

    Goals September 2019
    -Reread the points of elements of poker that I want to keep in my subconscious.

    -Improve my arsenal regarding CBetting/what to do in the flop (as the open raiser or not).
    Since in NLH,in order to make a winning hand at showdown,we need at least 3 cards from the board,It makes so much sense to have a decent interpretation on how boards connect with ranges.So I'll start from here.

    -Keep "discipline" when playing (If I am feeling like creative in the middle of the session,quit and go to draw or something..If feeling bored,quit and watch a movie..If having a bad day outside of poker,dont play as "a way to escape reality")

    -Get there more often with my flushdraws (I'll stop opening baby pairs from EP in return lol)

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    quick glance - CC less from MP/CO/BTN, and 3B more
  • John_BlancoJohn_Blanco Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
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    kenaces wrote: »
    quick glance - CC less from MP/CO/BTN, and 3B more

    Yep,when I thought that I had a playable preflop game,I realised that I have to set the bar higher when it comes to 3Betting/4Betting.
    Guess I have to put more work into it if I want to turn around my winrate when moving up in stakes.

    ~NL5 shot taking

    Starting preflop,I noticed that,in general,people have a more solid preflop game in NL5 than in NL2 (obviously, right?lol)
    Calling an open raise is screaming to get squeeze from the people left to act,and 3Betting with marginal (but not so junk) hands are in a weird spot when facing a 4Bet.
    And then here comes in to play something that is definitely more valuable at NL5 than at NL2 and that is position.
    yh yh,position is very important etc etc..
    In NL2,when I face an opponent that calls three barrels to the river with 4th pair,It doesn't matter that much if I am in or out of position since I'll be value betting the hell out of it.
    However,at NL5 is definitely a mistake to understimate the power of position.
    So yeah,I'll assume that as one moves up in stakes, there are less stations/fitorfolders/stack punters, and more regs and therefore I need to be prepared to battle with "the big bois".

    Anyway,the story continues at NL2 with the run good.

    ~NL2 SEP 19
    (Is almost the same trend as in August WTF.
    Straggling the first bunch of hands,getting out of the hole in a few thousand hands,keeping a breakeven stretch for another while,and then keeping the momentum up, enjoying the ride)

    On the menu for October 2019

    -Preflop off the table deep work (as in figuring out some calling ranges,4betting ranges,3B/fold ranges depending on position/player types)

    -That thing I said last month about improving CBetting/reading board textures (Some "serious" study about it,not just assuming things like: I am UTG,V is BB,flop is A high dry,I have range advantage therefore I Cbet..)

    -NL5 volume in order to get rid of the feeling of "Hi guys,It is my first day", and get a grasp of population tendencies,while keeping NL2 as my main atmosphere. (Unless I suddenly get a winrate half as good at least as the one in NL2 over a "decent" sample size,in that case pack things up and become a reg at NL5)

  • John_BlancoJohn_Blanco Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    "This thread is mainly to find areas where I can improve my game,and a personal stay disciplined kind of blog"

    October 2019 was about everything but discipline..

    I tiltspewed 13 buy ins at NL2! (And it could have easily been 20..!)

    ~NL2 October 19

    And this month's NL5 shy sample size.

    ~NL5 October 19


    The main reason of tilting is because I added ~4-5 live session to my volume.

    In a nutshell,the results of those live sessions where like (not exactly as stated,but not far from reality):

    Day 1.In for 120BB.Lost buy in.Second bullet.Triple up.
    Day 2.In for 120BB.Lost buy in.Second bullet.Gone.Three bullets and calling it a day.
    Day 3.In for 120BB.Lost buy in.Second bullet.Down to 60BB and holding on to them deciding if reload or not and eventually as if the cash game played as a tourney,double up shoving preflop and doubling up on the next hand again with a flopped boat.After few orbits,cashing out over 200 BB,thinking how on earth I double/triple up in my second/third buy in but keep punting the first one.

    And on and on and on.

    They usually say that in order to win/not lose at the low limits,just value bet and rarely bluff.And is true,the times that I ended up those live sessions in the positive side was when my hands where getting paid.
    But ooooh god how boring is it to way for hands in a limp sticky postflop table.
    Also,there was this day when a player just got stacked and then reloaded for the max.
    He then proceeded to open veeery big preflop,and Cbet pot size nearly every single hand.It completely changed the dynamic of the table.It would be a dream scenario if it wasn't because this happened on my last buy in and practically any hand I was willing to see a flop with,was commited to get stacks in. (Or I could just resteal pre,but my nitTAGmakehandsandgetpaid strategy at that moment didn't thought that I had any fold equity against this player)

    So..After few sessions of between 2 and 5 hours at the live felt,I went back to the online grind with the tilted approach.
    Forcing the action because woah how many hands I am able to see in just half hour! (spewing automatically without really focusing on previous streets actions/dynamics.)
    Also the "unlimited" buy ins to punt compared to the capped 3 buy ins that I was taken to the poker room didn't help.
    For some reason,while being a nitTAG valuevaluevalue at the live table,I have been doing the opposite online,aggrowhale bluffing too much.

    Anyway,I cut out the volume the last few weeks,trying to regain perspective,redesigning the typical preflop ranges sticked to the wall (that I usually tend to ignore when playing,but it's nice to have them),and analyzing some of the live hands.
    November goals:
    -Stick to an ABC online grind,to get a "solid" default game.
    -Same October goals.

    On a side note,I came across an internet article about "the Dere types"(type of characters in anime).Source

    While I am myself not a huge fan of japanese animation (leaving dragon ball or death note on my teenage years behind),I found it as an interest analogy to compare with player types,specially when playing live.
    "A dandere type refers to a character who is often silent and to themselves. It may be due to shyness or just because they’re the quiet type."
    AKA nits.
    "A deredere,refers to a character who is completely kind, happy, and energetic. "
    AKA fish/whales.Energetic as in playing too many hands preflop,and happy to connect with any flop and call down all the way to the river.
    "A kuudere,refers to a character who is often cold, blunt, and cynical. They may seem very emotionless on the outside, but on the inside they’re very caring.
    Kuuderes often speak in a calm monotone and seem unaffected by the world around them. They never seem to be overly happy, excited, or surprised - just as they never appear sad, annoyed, or angry."
    TAG/Weak reg TAG.Sometimes you forget that they are in the table (like the nits) but when they play a hand feels like they know what they are doing.
    "A tsundere is a character who is initially cold and even hostile towards their love interest, before gradually showing a warmer side over time, and keeps switching back and forth between the two. They are also passionate, wild, and aggressive too."
    LAGish aggro.Their love interest being winning pots/stablishing an "I am the best" vibe when playing.The other side being that their bluff heavy approach become easy to play against when somebody is willing to battle them back.
    "A yandere refers to a character who starts out nice and sweet, but eventually becomes dark and obsessive over the one they love. They become stalkers and use violence on, and possibly even murder, any person who gets close to their love interest"
    Solid Reg.The one they love as in playing good poker.Knows about properly apply table talk,leveling,adjust-readjust etc. (Can't find a proper comparison with that stalkers violence part tho,maybe,something like "when ego comes in to play or take things personal,they switch to a nightmare at the table?)

  • John_BlancoJohn_Blanco Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    cough cough.
    To dust off the thread a bit:

    November 2019

    The swings definitely had an impact during this month.Feel like unstoppable during upswing peaks,and kind of "paranoid",egodrivenrevengetilt mindset when down. (as in hero calling way to light due to the thought of being bluffed when V doesn't have bluffs in a spot),leaving any rational thinking behind.

    December 2019

    Lack of online cash volume,and decided to jump straight to 5NL after some railing,that made me realize that yes,the skill level might be higher than 2NL,but there was a possibility that I could fit in there regardless.
    Also,I played during December live turbo daily tourneys and cashed in some of these, ending the month (and the year) breakeven-losing (less than a buy in/tourney played) in this format.

    2019 AKA 1st online poker year all stakes (including like 200ish hands at 10NL because tiltyolowhynot


    Happy new year,good luck in your resolutions,etc etc..

    ~I want to:
    Switch from using my disposable income paying for poker into poker as a source of disposable income.

    Still having this in mind during 2020.

    In order to achieve that,2020 approach is:

    -Keep grinding online micros until I can beat them over a significant sample size.

    PROS:Volume and increasing fundamental skills.

    CONS:The fear of AI,dream machines etc raising makes me wonder if NLH online micros is still worth the effort to learn from scratch..I guess I should be fine for at least 2020 but who knows.
    -Cut the vast majority of live cash volume.

    PROS:It's been a leak in my poker budget during 2019.I rather come back to it after putting more work at the online enviroment. I just realized that I put something along these lines in the first post.but I'll write it down again so hopefully I won't need to remind it to my 2021 self. (unless you are somehow a live cash crusher by then lol,oh hey future me!,If so,you can ignore the last sentence)

    CONS:Missing out on softer competition.
    -Add between 2 to 10 daily casino turbo tournaments on a monthly basis.

    PROS:Live poker is fun.I decided to cut on live cash volume.What Do I have left?those turbo tournaments.
    1st,a good week at the micros can pay for a buy in at those tournaments,so can be a good stepping stone to poker paying for poker.
    2nd,a mix of wannabegrinders (like me at this point),weak regs,and degens make the typical pool.
    3rd,It gives me flight hours in order to ship the main event anytime during the next decade (lol).

    CONS:The nature of these quick blind levels structure, make this tournaments almost a game of chance,reducing any edges a lot.I guess I'll have to choose "the best of the worst" of the options given (the longer blind levels,the bigger starting stack measured in big blinds when late registration is available,etc.Basically,try to find where can I apply any postflop edge instead of going to the casino to flip coins.)
    Also,I am sure that the beats playing in those, have an impact in my performance at the online cash tables,so I'll have to be mentally ready and asume that the rollercoaster is part of the journey.

    To end up this update,

    January 2020 NL5


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