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I'm going to try to have a coin made.
It will be square with rounded edges.
Just large enough that a regular casino chip would cover the inside of the square. About same thickness as casino chip. On one side I'll write two words. First word 'STOP', meaning stop and reevaluate your actions. Below that word I'll have 'THINK', meaning think about what you are about to do. Is it the correct decision?
On the reverse I will have 'WHY', why did Villian play his hand that way? Why did you play your hand that way. Below the word 'why' I will have the final word..'WHAT', what is Villian representing? What is his range at this time? What does Villian think you have? And finally, what does Villian want you to do.
Now why this coin? Because I find myself reacting instead of evualting my play. And it is costing me money.
Maybe it seems foolish, but I believe something like this could help my play.
Ideas anyone.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit - RCP Coach Posts: 4,034 -
    You've identified a problem area in your game, awesome! You've created a possible solution to this problem, even better!

    But I think the practice of using this (which I imagine includes you staring at this coin, rotating it a bunch of times, eyes darting back-n-forth, and then finally putting the coin back on your cards before making a decision) seems a bit too a-typical for my liking.

    If you are deadset on pairing an item with the thought process, then I would suggest holding your card protector when studying, looking at it before going through your checklist, and doing this at every inflection point you study.

    Otherwise, just work on hammering the checklist into you brain. Use the checklist when you study any hand on the forum. Use it when studying any decision within your own hands. And even practice using it in live games after you've folded and are watching the rest of the hand unfold.

    With practice, it will become second-nature and you won't need the physical reminder any longer =)
  • John ValentineJohn Valentine ✭✭ Red Chipper Posts: 49 ✭✭
    My main idea is to use this to slow my self down at the river. I'm not talking about slowplaying the nuts. I hate people who do that. I just find that many times. I know the questions, but my mind goes blank. Hopefully this will help.

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