Opening Range on Button vs Blinds Considering 2.33BB Drop

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What default range do you advocate opening in the following game on the button vs blinds assuming we are 100BB effective? How would shallower stacks change this (e.g. 75BB, 50BB)?
  • The game is 2/3 100-300 NLH at a local casino. Preflop $1 is dropped, $5 more on the flop, and $1 more on the turn. Players will often chop if they have trash hands because of the drop.

In Miller's The Course he advocates playing 33.3% of hands on the button vs the blinds as a default (of course we can deviate from this given table dynamics and how the SB and BB will respond).

Miller's 33.3% Range OTB vs Blinds


At the moment I am playing around with the following

My current open OTB vs Blinds when 100BB effective (20.1%):



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