C-Betting OOP by Adam Jones, July 31 9pm ET

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Hey everyone:

Back by popular request for our next group coaching session is Adam Jones with "C-Betting From OOP." In fact this is the middle of a three-part sequence in these sessions. Last month we had Mike Gano talking about blind play which tends to mean we're OOP on the flop, so this month Adam will discuss the central topic of c-betting in this spot. Next month we'll take the logical step to c-betting in position.

As usual if you can't make the session in person, please leave your questions below and I'll forward them to Adam. And you can get a preview of what Adam will be discussing through this podcast episode.

Hope to see you there. Remember these are free and exclusive to PRO members. If you're not a PRO member but sign up now, you'll get access to the coaching sessions for the rest of the year as well as the replays of the ones we've already aired.

Thanks ~ Kat

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