JJ with an Flop Overcard

gl523gl523 ✭✭Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
edited July 5 in Online Poker Hands
$.02/.04 Online 6 Players
Effective Stacks: $5.96

Hero is in HJ with :JS: :JD:
UTG limps. Hero raises to $.20. CO calls.

Pot: $.50
Flop: :8C: :QS: :2D:
Hero checks. CO checks.

Pot: $.50
Turn: :3C:
Hero bets $.30. CO raises to $.70. Hero calls.

Pot: $1.90
River: :TD:
Hero checks. CO bets $.95. Hero calls.
CO shows :KC: :QC: .

I only betted the turn since I thought it would be better to deny flush draws. Otherwise, I would have checked. Is it better to have second pair bloating a pot but denying flush draw equity or is it better to let flush draws come through and just try to get to showdown?


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