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Riverboat BillRiverboat Bill Red Chipper Posts: 454 ✭✭
Low Limit Friendly Home Game. About 20 regs. Everybody is working, has income. Players are squeezed into big table w/10 players, sometimes 12. Some are very serious players who study the game.

.50/1.00 UL Game has gone on a long time. I just started playing. Stack sizes vary greatly. Starting stacks maybe 1 100bb, 3 200bb, 3-4 500-600bb 1-2 1000bb+. Every player can afford to lose entire stack and return next week. Some set a limit of maybe $150-$200 and quit.

You have a range of player types. Nit, LAG, Passy and occasional Maniac. In a casino, these player would play 1/2 and 2/5. Some play three/four nights here and other places. The .50/1 is just kept from when the game started a long time ago, plays much bigger.

I want to discuss the complexities of beating this game. The first problem for me is the stack sizes. The guys who have large stacks can play, so you have to watch how the pot is going. You can have a 100bb stack open, but the pot can end up with 700bb. So, a hand you would go all the way with against the opener might not be something you would want to enter a really big pot with.

Position takes a long time to make it around a table with this many players. If you nit it up too much, they won't play big pots with you. Usually somebody wins over $600 or more on the night. In the six months I have been playing it $1,600 is about the most I have seen anybody win.

I guess it's just patience and wait to make a big hand. They will pay you off on the river because anyone playing can afford to play bigger. I play tight. I don't like to lose more in a game than I can win. If I win $200-$250 best nights, the I don't want to drop more than $150 in a game like that. I maybe have less disposable than the other guys. They all have real good jobs.


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    Interesting. This sounds like a bit of a mess tbh. If the game is supposed to be fun and social, but people try to play well, then 10+ handed is internally inconsistent. You have to play absurdly tight. The obvious solution is to buy another table and play two games short-handed, but I'm guessing that possibility has been ruled out.

    If you want to create the appearance of giving action without getting killed, I'd suggest playing absurdly loose from CO/BU, be loud as you do so. This is also one of the rare spots when I can see showing an uncalled hand, provided of course it's junk.
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  • Riverboat BillRiverboat Bill Red Chipper Posts: 454 ✭✭
    @TheGameKat, I really like your advice. Sometimes I just toss a nickel out there from those positions, but hadn't thought of it being a consistent strategy. I didn't know if people would see the problem of so many players. It makes your playing range so tight, especially early.

    I'll have to try playing much looser in late position.

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