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CrodigglyCrodiggly ✭✭SF Bay AreaRed Chipper Posts: 28 ✭✭
Hi All,

I've mostly played live poker for the last few years but am using online to try and improve my fundamentals. In live, I've never needed a SB vs BB range because everyone just chops in these situations, but I am bleeding money in SB vs BB online.

I've tried raising wide to steal the BB, limping strong hands to induce a steal that I can re-raise, limping wide and trying to take the pot on the flop, etc. None of my strategies seem to be working. I seem to end up playing lots of big pots OOP with marginal hands, or running into monsters with strong hands.

Example hand:

Second hand of the session, BB folded UTG on prior hand. I have no history. Effective stacks 100BB.

I am in SB w/ :Kh :Kc , folds around to me.

My experience at these stakes is that a SB limp is often raised, so I'm hoping for a raise to 3-bet. Instead, V checks.

Flop (2BB) :Jc :8s :2s

I bet pot, V min-raises, I reraise to 15BB. V calls

Turn (32BB): :8c

I bet 24BB, V calls

River (80BB): :4h

I check, V shoves, I have 60BB behind. I call. V shows :Js :8d

Maybe my call on the end is too loose, but I can see a lot of villains at these stakes shoving strong Js or even QQ, so I think I win often enough to justify. Am I way off base?


  • LeChiffreLeChiffre ✭✭✭ NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 519 ✭✭✭
    Online I stick to a raise-or-fold strategy when folded to in the SB. Reason for this is that it's simply the easiest strategy to implement. How wide and large I open depends of course on the player in the BB, but I do have a default opening range and size.Then the question is how do you play SB vs BB postflop as the SB PFR. Which flops do you c-bet, which flops do you check-call, etc. I think your time is better spent on studying the flop play when SB vs BB as SB PFR, as it also carries over to other match-ups, rather than working on an open-complete strategy. Developing such a strategy is of course possible, but I think this is mostly useful in short-stack play like in tournaments, and it's not easy.

    As played, which hands are you getting value from with your flop 3-bet when we can largely discount the strongest Jx and QQ (the hands you seem to include in villain's range by the river) due to the check preflop?

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