Sickest Cooler Ever!!

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Not my hand - Credit to cosmocreamer on the poker subreddit for the hand. Thought you all would enjoy it!

The high jack Victor was on my left and he was playing with his mustache which I knew was a tell from James Bond: the movie.

"Cards are sick" I said as I shook my head. "Poker is a sick game with sick cards. Brutal cards are sick, too" I said, to cut the tension in the air. Plus we always talked poker talk.

"Yeah," one of my friends retorted, "Bellybuster flops are implied at sick odds and nits are not sick."

"Yeah I know it's so gross" I said. I lifted up my hood and pushed up my shades as I got my hole pocket cards. I had the button. The dealer button.

I look down at two queens, rainbow suit. Pocket pair, I thought to myself, and then I calculated my pre-flop merged equity and Post hand merged tangible odds post stack bluff variance.

My friend Victor shoves in a min raise from the first UTG to act position.

"I got this pot boys" he said and he winked at himself in the mirror that was on the wall.

Darn, I thought, Villain could have two overs or even worse two overs that are same card such as Ace over Ace or runner runner King King which could bust me! Because both are higher!

Action pre-folds around to me in Southern Position post-UTG blind. I have to cover my nice butt.

"Well I don't have a pair, so I'm upset" I said. This seems obvious to some but it's a bluff double-bluff that I learned from Super System.

"You can fold now and save your equity for the next hand" he said

"Nice donkey bluff-try, Victor, But I'm going to check your bet and min raise all in C-bet" and I shoved all my chips in.

"You have splashed the pot so I know your weak so I flat call." he said, "I mean you're not your" he corrected himself.

Then he turns over Ace Ace rainbow so I'm a dog to his hand because they are both higher than a queen plus he has two of them which is half of the aces in the deck!!!!! (Dog means I'm not a favorite to win)

At this point I start to cuss and then I remembered the Masterclass about flop equity merging to bottom ranges so I kept it cool.

I looked at the dealer and now I was the one who winked: "Bring it on" I said.

The board flops Ace Six Deuce(2). Victor starts to laugh. This gives Victor what is known as three-to-a-set.

Then the dealer put one card down to burn it then flips up a QUEEN on the turn.

"This is about to be sick I run very gross and sick and I'm very sick" I said.​

"We shall see" Victor exclaimed. He wanted two more pocket blanks to come - runner runner blank.

"Oh dealer, I'd like to make a case" I said, then paused for a little bit. Everyone looked at me in anticipation. "I"d like to make a case QUEEN"

The room exploded in cheers. Everyone was like 'holy crap that was a good line' and high-fived me.

I then explained that that was a total cooler sweat.

The fifth and final card is the river and the dealer mucks one card then turns over the river which was the CASE QUEEN.

Victor threw his chair across the room shattering my son's trophy case and ruining some pieces of artwork he had done but I didn't give a rat’s tail my quads had netted me his whole stack and rack.

"Yeahhhhhhh QUAD SQUAD QUAD SQUAD" I was yelling right in the ear of Victor's wife Monica as she cried. "FOR THE LOVE OF QUADS" I also yelled. I mushed her face and she fell to the ground.

I raked his hole cards, and then I told him he had to muck his chips to me.

"Looks like you don't have any post-muck equity you broke fish" I said to needle Victor. "Your chips have accumulated in my muck" I said. “You splashed my stack”

It was a sick cooler of a hand. It was loosey-Goosey the whole way around but in the end ABC poker allowed me to stack and rack my former friend. I think the odds of that hand happening were like 20 to 1. He drove home drunk and I called in his tags and I'm 95% sure he got a DUI, which was also a bad beat for him.​

My son Todd's trophy/art case thing has been a huge point of contention for me and my wife. I will post an update about that later. I'm back on the couch until further notice. Time = EV


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