Calling a double-all-in from 2 shorties

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Tournament report: I just won my first online MTT, with a field of 186 players.

With 12 players remaining, this hand came up and I don't know if I'm just overly focused on the result or if my decision was correct. (Apologies for inexact numbers, my PT4 didn't get this hand for some reason)

Hero is chip leader in the tournament with ~160k chips and picks up :7s:7c in the small blind. The table is 6-handed, with blinds of 1500 / 3000 and antes of 375 (initial pot 6,750)

UTG goes all-in for ~26k (~9BB)
I'm planning to call, but Button goes all-in for ~31k (~10BB)

It's ~29k to call for a pot of ~64k. Pot odds are a bit better than 2:1

According to my Shove/Fold charts:
GTO UTG Shove range is 22+, A2s+, A7o+, K9s+, KJo+, QJ, Q9s+, J8s+, T8s+, 98s, 87s
GTO BTN Call range is 44+, A8s+, A9o+, KJs+, KQo

Holdem Lab gives me 36% equity 3-ways against these ranges, which argues for a call.

ICM-wise, call and win yields a stack of ~225k, over double the 2nd place at the time. Call and lose gives me ~135k, which would still have been top 3. Frankly also argues for a call.

Actual action: Hero folds, UTG shows KQo, BTN shows 44. Board runs out 79J9A


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    I think it's a call, too.

    I just want to note, though, that pot odds and equity become a bit weird as you are playing for two pots. You're not really getting 2:1 and your equity against both ranges is only partially relevant. In this case the stack sizes are pretty similar so you won't really run into trouble, but you can imagine that if one had a 1BB stack and the other 10BB, your equity against both ranges doesn't really matter too much (you'd be more interested in your equity against the 10BB stack).

    Doing the maths is tricky (done it before manually in another lengthy thread I posted around a year ago), so you would be best served using a solver or EV cruncher. But I believe most solvers should be able to compute your over-calling range, no?

    FWIW I ran 10 million sims to compute the EV of calling your entire range against the ranges that you provided.

    Highlighted hands are +EV. 77 is in there against the ranges that you gave. Excludes the possibility of BB over-calling.

    As far as ICM is concerned, if you could give us some more information on the prize structure and how many players are left? Though based on what you've said I agree that being +chipEV should be enough.
  • CrodigglyCrodiggly SF Bay AreaRed Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
    Thanks - there were 12 places left, everyone had already banked $26.25 ($8 buy-in). Here's the rest of the prize structure:

    12-10: $26.25
    9: $30
    8: 45
    7: 60
    6: 75
    5: 90
    4: 131.25
    3: 176.25
    2: 232.50
    1: 322.50
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    HoldemResources calculator is perfect for these spots
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