Couple hands from a $500 Deepstack Tournament

Donald DingwellDonald Dingwell Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
Hey guys have a couple hands from a $500 buy in I played last week deep stack 30 min levels. 344 total players.

Midway through the tournament starting stack is $120k effective stack is 68.5k I raise with Q4o BvB at 1k/2k/2kBB ante BB calls flop is Q77 rainbow. I bet 7k he flats turn 3o I bet 15k he jams for 39.5k more. I tank and fold he shows A3o

3k/6k/6k 279k starting stack with TT I raise in lowjack to 19k SB(140k) 3bets to 53k, he has previously 3bet my IP raises in the blinds and gotten folds from me. I fold.

5k/10k/10k 590k starting stack with 77 I open UTG+2 for 35k MP flats LJ shoves 105k I fold MP(600kish) snaps with AKo LJ has KJ. runout is K78JA. Im sure if I flat the 105k MP ships.

18 players left 1.6k GTD ladder at 17 to 2.1k 20k/40k/4k ( the BB ante went to normal ante at 27 players) 740k starting stack UTG(1M) limps I raise to 160k with 99 flop TT8 he checks I bet 140k ( meant to size bigger grabbed wrong chips) he shoves I fold. Claims he had JT after I busted and asked.

18 left 20k/40k/4k 440k starting stack in BB with A6o LJ(1.2M) limps, same guy with JT in previous hand, have seen him raise wide IP also limps fair amount involves himself alot preflop SB(600kish) limps. I think I have decent fold equity against their ranges I pegged them on in the moment so I ship it. LJ calls with AJo and holds. There were other shallow stacks left and I think I could have laddered had I waited.

I know its a long post so thanks to anyone that checks it out and posts some feedback!


  • NinjahNinjah Red Chipper Posts: 1,152 ✭✭✭✭
    FYI: you'll get much more detail if you only post one hand per thread.

    Hand 1: I'd check the flop or bet small, I think either is fine. Looks like you bet pot or close to it. Why? What are you trying to accomplish with the bet? Betting turn is a huge mistake here imo.

    Hand 2: He has less than 25bb and has already 3b you repeatedly, I'd just go ahead and ship TT here.

    Hand 3: Think this one is fine as played.

    Hand 4: Would go closer to 100k on the flop but isn't terrible.

    Hand 5: I'd just check and see a flop here with a weak Ace.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,171 -
    Your preflop opens seem large for the stack depth.
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