How to analyse results when playing multiple stakes and currencies ?

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Hi everybody

Yesterday I finally felt ready to update my poker stats - I had to stop end 2017 for reasons...
What I do is tracking both BB and CHF results and cumulative results, yet I don't know if I can get much or anything of it...

Issues of playing in multiple countries:
  • I played in countries with lower currencies than my own CHF or $ (esp. when I played in CZ, HU and once in CN). The entry stakes can be similar to 1/2$ when compare to the local salary, yet (much) lower than 1/2$ for tourists (like 10/20 kč or 50/50 ft). This impacts on who can play the game and their skill level, with a special situation in touristic areas where both locals and foreigners mix.
  • In some countries/places, casinos don't offer low stakes poker (too high fixed costs) and available games only start at 5/5 CHF or 5/5€ (or even 10/10CHF !). This impacts the skill level of players: playing 5/5€ or CHF there means facing players as bad as in 1/2$ Vegas games; it then impacts what we can deduce to the $ winrate graph.

Further issues:
  • In USA where these currencies issues don't apply, I've played multiple stakes (1/2$, 1/3$, 2/5$ and shots at 5/10$) but without any significant amount of hours in any of these.
  • My 1st "serious" poker game - aka after studies - happened on 10th Dec. 2016. But all the way along has my my skill level much improved from 2016 Fishy-Spewy Monkey to 2019 Nigerian Prince ( @Dean M ;-) ). So the winrate doesn't show the same player all along.
  • All together from the early beginning (Dec 2016), I've played only 813 hours, which alone isn't that much. (Bc no close games available)

Any hints or advise on how to get any relevant info is welcome.

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    I don't think there's much to gain by spending time and effort on this. What are you hoping for?

    Live poker is so slow that your sample will never be meaningful. Once you have substantial hours, most of them will be dated. Your results reflect a past version of yourself playing against past versions of your opponents. Everyone is evolving, so drawing any artificial lines like, I was spewy then, etc., is a bit silly.

    You can get some sense of your edge (although not precise) by analyzing sessions, thinking about how many mistakes you/they are making, number of reciprocal/non-reciprocal spots, how often you're unsure of how to counter your opponents' strategies, etc.
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,491 ✭✭✭✭✭
    porter wrote: »
    I don't think there's much to gain by spending time and effort on this. What are you hoping for?

    I don't know... ┐( ̄ヘ ̄;)┌

    I just do it since the beginning - at first just to know how much I won and lost, to keep an eye on my bankroll / finances. Only basic info.
    Then in a RCP Pro video and then a coaching session with Doug Hull, both urge students to take as many info about the poker sessions.

    I mostly do it out of habits. But not sure if gives me any ROI. @porter : don't you track your session, do you ? Or do you focus only on bankroll management ?

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