100NL Hero-call - Exploiting Good Players

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NJ online 100NL 6-handed

Villain is a 100NL and 200NL reg who is LAGgy preflop - VPIP 30/PFR 24/3-bet 10 - though his stats are more tame postflop. I have about 6000 hands on him and know that he's a competent, thinking player.

Villain SB posts $0.50
BB posts $1.00
EP folds
Hero MP raises to $3.50 with :As:Kh
CO folds
BU folds
Villain SB calls $3.00

Flop :9s:3c:2c (pot $7.50)

Villain checks
Hero checks

Turn :3s (pot $7.50)

Villain bets $5.62
Hero calls $5.62

River :4d (pot $18.74)

Villain bets $28
Hero calls $28

Villain shows :Ad:Td
Hero wins $71.74

Admittedly, I got the easiest board ever on which to make this call; even if villain had had more to rep, however, I still would've snapped him off. The reason is that if you can understand what your opponent is trying to accomplish with a bet, then you can read him extremely well.

In this case, it's clear after the turn action that I have a marginal SDV hand with which I'm trying to pot-control, so villain makes the "standard good player" response and overbets. His intention is to "not let me control the pot."

You might argue that he could be trying to "make up for lost time" after a slowplay or get paid huge on a big hand, but since a) he's not a fish, and b) I know exactly what my hand looks like to him, I can eliminate something like :Ah:3h. He probably would've 3-bet that, anyway, but even if he wouldn't, I could still ask, "why is he betting this much if he doesn't expect me to be able to pay it off?" The answer, of course, is that he wants me to fold. (This is obviously based on the assumption that he's not balanced here, but nobody is at these stakes.)

Note that this kind of thinking doesn't work against fish or most live players, since they're not as capable of reading hands and seeing spots to go after, and they're usually too unpredictable to read so narrowly. When faced with a good, creative reg, however, you can often recognize situations that they're trying to exploit (usually with extremely unbalanced lines), and if you can say, "I see what you're trying to do," then you can also throw a monkey wrench into their plans.


  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    I like your thought process.
    I think the better play overall for Villain is to
    Over-POT Turn and play accordingly. The threat of another bet is strong enough to garner some extra folds.

    * This may not apply on this specific board though.

    With that said, nice hand :-)

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