Tight Fold on Double Board Bomb Pot. Correct?

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Live $1-2 NLH 10 handed. $450 effective. I Cover

10 players put in $10 PreFlop. Pot $100. Hero has :Ah:9s

Board 1: :Th:5d:7h

Board 2: :As:6d:Ac

UTG ($80) leads for $25, UTG2 ($450) Raises to $50, Hero UTG3 (Covers) calls. CO ($150) calls, UTG calls. Pot $300

Board 1: :Th:5d:7h:3S:

Board 2: :As:6d:Ac:Td

UTG checks, UTG2 shoves $400, Hero Tank Folds.

UTG2 is a solid, respected player. Doesn’t get out of line. I’m really only playing to chop this pot.



Since I'm playing for half the pot. It would cost me $400 to win $350. Half of the initial pot of $300 is $150 plus Half of UTG2 $400 shove is $200.



Here's the Equities if he's betting the Top Board.


So, as is the case with most bomb pots, its a case of Eeny Meeny Minny Mo!!

Please help me calculate if this was correct. Thanks
@splitsuit @doughull

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