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Hi Guys my name is Aaron and I play 25NL or 50NL 6 max online and 1/2 or 2/5 live. Lots of good info on the site so far and I’m excited to learn more.

Here is a recent hand and I think this is a safe fold but lmk your thoughts:

$.10/.25 NLL 6 max - $25 effective

Open 3x AsKh UTG, called by MP, CO (V-decent reg with 22/16, somewhat tight post) and Button.

KcQs4s with pot at $3.35
I bet $2.54 and all fold but V who calls

Turn 10h and pot at $8.43
I bet $5.46 and V calls

River is 3d and pot is $19.35
I check and he jams $16.25

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