I Really Don't Like My Opponent's Call Here

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Ok, so check this out:


Pre-flop: I'm flat calling a speculative hand on the button against a TAG. The small blind is a ROCK and the BB is another TAG.

On the Flop: Villian makes a big bet here. I thought of raising but I think that kind of flips my hand face up, also I don't want to building a pot if villian has 99+.

On the Turn: When this villain checks back I'm simply dropping 99+ from his range. But I know he has some equity. At the time I was thinking any Ax hand since he can now draw to two overs and a five. Or maybe he has something like KcQc or KcJc. But upon further review (looking at his HUD data - I never see him c-betting with air in my sample size) I am dropping an non-pair Ax and any broadway hands (including flush draws). So that leaves him with the range you see here. (see below)


So I bet 2/3 pot not to take it down, but because I know he'll call here and unless a 5 or an Ace hits on the river I'll win at showdown. I'm thinking maybe I should have bet bigger here like at least $10 but I don't know.

On the River it goes check-check. I think going for the flush bluff is burning money.

What do you guys think of his turn call OOP? He was drawing to an Ace, 5 or 3. Therefore 20% equity and he called $12.13 to get $30.87.

It's interesting because I think hero has a wide range with my turn bet. Could be as weak as a flush draw, but also the nuts with 65s and anything in between.


  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,160 ✭✭✭✭
    talonjohn wrote: »
    So I bet 2/3 pot not to take it down, but because I know he'll call here
    Why are you so sure he will call ? What would he fires flop and check-call turn when the turn is basically a brick ?
  • talonjohntalonjohn Red Chipper Posts: 112 ✭✭
    Hey Red, nice to hear from you again.

    From what I've seen, the TAGs in my game in that spot A9+ because they perceive to have 10 outs when the 2 comes in for the wheel draw.

    Make sense?
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,160 ✭✭✭✭
    Do you really think they will call with A for a gutshot to the low straight when 65 is already out there or any 6X would give a better straight ? This seems fishy / station, no?

    You count 10 outs, which means for A9s A and 9 are alive. But it's debatable: hitting A means any 5X has a straight, and Ac is a poisonous card ; 9 might give some SDV, yet 98 improve to 2P and 9c is a poisonous card (even more than Ac).
    (This is a bit different for like AJ+ since TP 8X will improve less often when hitting an out, but it doesn't make it a good call either)

    Also: in this hand, your Villain clearly didn't play like a TAG. You tagged (pun no intended) him wrong - which tend to show that you've observation skills yet to develop.

    If you face a real TAG, you might face a triple barrel. What do you do with 9h8h against such a line ?
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    edited July 29
    Maybe TAG isn't the exact right profile. I don't know how else to classify a player with a VPIP in the teens on 6-max that often has players sitting out. He's not quite a rock because he'll barrel with middle pair on dynamic boards.

    So what do you think about HIS turn call, then?

    With my 98s, I'm ready to fold to the second barrel on most turn cards.
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    The standard money your going t
    O make on turn bets. Is players calling with a pair and a draw......

    If you have showdown value...bet here bigish. The ar inelastic....and Check bavk river or bet small. When the draws miss...

    If you dont have showdown value...tend to bet smaller. On turn so you can blast the river....

    As far as 0laning to fold to any bet on the turn from.from an agro player...without a read..hes one and dine. Or. He only bets threat cards for barrels. Thats probly to weak tight

    Calling an agro player with 89s. Plann8ng to call only one steet if yo hit one pair. May be burnibg money...without reads
  • ROI RUINERROI RUINER Red Chipper Posts: 128 ✭✭
    Preflop I’m 3betting or folding in these spots Flatting leads to scenarios like this. If the pot is bigger then the cbet is bigger and you are IP. It will be harder for him to continue with a pair of 3s. The ultimate goal is to get him to fold preflop though. 98s is a bluff hand. If the bluff doesn’t work and you hit top pair you can bet the flop. If you whiff the flop you are in position and repping a strong range. Flatting is almost like slot machine poker hoping to hit a hand.

    You have more ways to win with initiative and position.

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