Micros, unusual line

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.01/.02 NL Holdem, 3 handed, my third hand at the table. I'm on the button with 88 and .80, and villain has me covered. I raise to .05 and villain in the small blind calls. Flop is TT5 rainbow and villain donk bets .08 and I call. Pot is .28 and I have .67. Turn is 9, villain checks, I bet .14 and villain xraises to .62.


  • PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 81 ✭✭
    Don't you regularly play higher stakes?

    As a micro reg, I would probably shove. My reasoning is this. First, I would question why he would lead into me, as the PF raiser, with Tx or JJ+. Secondly, I think the donk bet looks more like 5x or a PP like 99-66. Lastly, these players make questionable moves at times, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this play by AK/AQ or worse. I lean more heavily on my first reason above and get allin with 88 since a call leaves me with 0.05.

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