Mid Pocket Pairs Paired Board

John_BlancoJohn_Blanco Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
Hello,How couId I approach different these spots?
Hand 1

Daily Turbo Tourney.
9 Handed
10k Starting Stack
Blinds 50/100
First hand that I got dealt.
No reads on opponent(s)
I am in the button with :7D::7C:

Around 4 or 5 Limpers to me,I raise to 1500.
Only CO calls.

Flop ~3500
Check Check.

Turn ~3500
Can't remember what exactly what was it,but it was a low offsuit card.
CO bets 1500,I call.

River ~6500
CO bets all in (I cover for like one big blind or so.) I Call.
CO takes it with pocket deuces.

Personal thoughts,Preflop 77 I think is a pretty hand,specially on the button,but not really want to take it multiway to get some rag kings,rag aces realize equity.
Flop I could be C betting with a big part of my range instead of checking it back?
However I thought 77 was a good candidate to take to showdown.
Folding turn could be an option but I think for this price is worth to see at least one more card.
On the river,my thoughts were that if im ahead on the turn I am ahead on this river, (after the hand, my thoughts were that this is a relatively easy fold since this is a line that I could see CO taking with 10X)


Hand 2
Same,Daily tourney turbo,different day.
10K Starting stacks
blinds 25/50
V is BB,and said earlier that he is a poker dealer on holidays therefore I expect him to have a bit more fundamentals than the average rec.
Previous two hands he took a pot with 96o on the button Vs a UTG opener.

I am BU with :7S::7D: (Again).

UTG opens 125,MP calls,I call,BB calls.
Flop ~525
Checks to me,I bet 300,BB Raises to 1200,UTG and MP fold,I Reraise to 3500, BB shoves I tank call and 77 doesn't get there on the turn or river against 1010.

So,I could have 3bet preflop because of the same reasons in hand 1,and also it could make me narrow better what BB range is when he calls/raises facing a 3bet.
On the flop,when V first raises I thought that he thought that I was trying to take advantage of being in position, given that this board favour his range he could raise with a lot of his holdings.
When he shoves,at the moment I thought that I am ahead of open enders,gutshots,top pairs or random highcards that I think V is capable to bluff with.

Thoughts on this?



  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,299 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Your underlying strategy is fundamentally flawed.

    in 1) based on sizing, we can observe you have decided to have a check or bet strategy. Does 77, one of your lowest pairs here, require protection or does say, AA?

    in 2) a similar theme. You move to a raise or fold strat, and choose raise with the middle of your range. If you are shifting into polarization with the middle of your range, what response are you hoping for?

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