Just starting - SNG BB Hand review appreciated

lorr1968lorr1968 Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
I'm just starting out, and I am concentrating on my opening ranges. This hand struck me as I would have most likely folded had I not been BB.

WSOP $5 9 handed SNG 6 players left.
I have the largest stack next largest is a little over half of my stack.
Blinds are 100/200/25
I am BB 5,763 chips with Qd7d.
UTG (2717) limps, Btn Limps (2961), SB(1535) Completes, I(BB) check(5763). Pot is 950
Flop Ad,6d,3d
Checks around.
Question 1 Was my check correct. I felt like if I bet I was going to only get folds or the Kd to call.
Turn 8h
SB Checks, I bet $325, UTG calls, button folds, SB calls. I feel like my bet was a little too small, but again I felt that very few hands would call and I was trying to keep the ranges wide. (Good Aces, smaller flush draws - but I felt the the board was pretty static)
Pot 1925... River Jh.
SB checks, I bet 962, UTG calls sb folds. Should I have bet more?
I think I played the hand pretty well, but I'm wondering if my thought process was correct. should I have bet more? What hands really beat me? Just the Kflush - correct? So what's calling me? 2 pair or better...
I know for a lot of you this hand is probably a slam dunk, but any advice would be appreciated.
I will post another hand next where I think I didn't play well at all.


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 2,704 -
    In a limped pot in which there's no reason to expect anyone to bet the flop, I quite like leading small here. You'll be surprised what you'll get called by on the flop if you size small. Note that you have an SPR around 3 against 2 opponents and 1.5 against the third, so if anyone has anything it's easy to get stacks in if you start with a lead. Which makes the flop check okay, but what's the line after that if someone bets the flop?

    As played I'd likely bet a bit bigger on the turn.
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  • lorr1968lorr1968 Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Thanks. That's exactly what I was wondering. I felt scared to bet on the flop but I felt like perhaps a bet might have been better but I did nt want to scare anyone out of the pot.
    If someone else had bet the flop I would have just called and bet about 1/3 on the turn. and then probably a 1/3rd bet on the river.
    I think I tend to bet too small a lot. Its something I'm going to have to work on. Thanks for your input

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