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PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 81 ✭✭
This is a 1/2 live game (300 max buyin). Effective stacks in this hand is about 100BB (I was the shortstack in this game).

Reads of the players is limited. UTG seems loose as he tends to limp PF and will limp-call about 50% of the time. Postflop, he will stab at pots then slowdown. I thought he was a little too passive at times, but that could be due to how deep most players were playing (200BB+). LJ plays similarly PF, but is more willing to put in bigger PF raises especially after several limpers. Postflop, he plays his one-pair hands slowly. My image for the night was tight. My raises were winning the blinds and limps, but in the last 30 min, I raised PF (including a 3B) 3-4 times to take advantage of my image. I never had to show any of these hands.

8 handed, I'm in CO with :QH::QS:
PF: UTG and LJ limp, I r 7.5BB (standard raises varied between 6BB and 10BB) in CO, BB calls, UTG calls, and LJ calls
FLOP: :QC::4C::3D: (pot 30BB)
BB checks, UTG donks for 15BB, LJ calls, I minraise to 30BB, UTG and LJ call
TURN: :3D: (pot 120BB)
UTG and LJ check, I shove for about 62.5BB

Min-raises postflop seemed fairly common in this game. I chose the min-raise because I thought I would get it heads up and my turn bet would have been about 2/3 pot. Despite turning the boat, I continued with my plan to shove, but I questioned the decision on my drive home.

Best guess for UTG's range is Qx (QJ/QT), underpair (55-99), A2c/A3c/A5c, and connectors like 65c/54c (I'm not sure if he would play offsuit connectors, but some of the players in this game limp-call most offsuit connectors). I think this player is capable of donking draws on a board that might not hit the PF raiser.
I think LJ's range is similar, but I would also add the rest of the Axc and Kxc hands since he limp-called PF and just called the donk bet.

On the turn, my shove was basically 1/2 pot, but would underpairs call? I'm targeting the flush draws and possibly the straight draws with my bet, and in my mind, a larger bet looks more like a "scared bet" than a smaller bet of say, 30BB again. What are your thoughts on the bet sizing?


  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,160 ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 5
    I hate the min-raise. You've no fold equity (so you can't bluff), yet you give a monstrously great price for V to call with any hand they donk or call with.

    This is an issue because as you're blocking TP a lot, this put Villains (donkbettor and caller) more often on 43 (good, but rare occurence), or a draw OESD or FD - which you give great odds to continue.

    Because any no min-raise raise will give a weird remaining eff. stack (half pot or less), why not shove flop ?
    I'd shove with a strong polarized range is the best here - so shoving with sets, TP2K/TPTK, nut FD, 2nd nut FD.

    Min-raises postflop seemed fairly common in this game. I chose the min-raise because I thought I would get it heads up and my turn bet would have been about 2/3 pot.
    Does anybody really fold a hand they like - like enough to donkbet or call with first - for 15$ more when there is already 90$ in the pot ? :-)

    Because bad players in your field do min-raise a lot doesn't mean it's a good play
  • PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 81 ✭✭
    Thanks Red. Your flop raising range is the same that I would have used. I just wasn't sure if it would be better to get it in on the flop, or wait to get it in on the turn. On the drive home, I felt like my sizing was off as I thought about my entire range and which hands could be raised and which hands should be a call.
  • Cracked_Jacks11Cracked_Jacks11 Red Chipper Posts: 47 ✭✭
    I'm curious about your preflop bet size. You say a standard open was 6-10 bb, After 2 limps you bet 7.5 bb, which seems pretty small to me.
    I'm not saying this must be wrong, but I'm curious what your reasoning is for that small sizing. Were you trying to avoid folding everyone out and just winning the blinds with a premium hand? Had you been consistently using smaller sizing all night, or is this hand an outlier?
  • PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 81 ✭✭
    @Cracked_Jacks11 Yes, 7.5bb was my standard size but I was pretty card dead all night. I had limped from BB once or twice in the 3 hours of play, and only raised about maybe 5-6 times the entire night (including this QQ hand). I played another session on Tuesday, and I saw 3BB open raises up to 10BB open raises. If there was a straddle, open raises were 7.5 up to 15BB. It just depended on the player. One player always raised to 12.5, while another always raised to 15BB. I saw more calls from the 15BB openraise, but I'm sure that was due to the player as his open-raise (and raise after limpers) range was easily 40%.

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