No HUD no problem.

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I started playing more on WSOP (by way of Delaware Park’s skin) VS playing on ACR. More so because the skill level is lower on WSOP and I suspect ACR is a bot fest.

Downside to WSOP is there are no HUDs and hand histories are via a replayer.

I created a paper HUD. I don’t multi table more than 5 tables at a time and usually it’s just 4 due to player traffic and more importantly table selection. I’ll find the 4 tables with the most players I have tagged as bad. If a 5th table looks juicy I’ll add it.

I have a very simple set up on a piece of paper with seats 1-9. I write down the players names while waiting on my BB. I then manually count their VPIP/RFI/3bet with different check marks to know what the action was. Also having the hand histories able to be replayed I can make notes on hands I missed and I also count the cbet and fold to 3bet/cbet stats.

It’s not a perfect system but it works better than nothing. I actually have over 200 hands worth of info on some regular players. Then on a separate piece of paper after the game or the next day I will go through and write down the names and their stats and try to hunt players down and add the stats I have in the players notes.

Also if I don’t feel the need to play you can observe play on WSOP and I’ll just watch and note frequencies.

As my data grows I can track players less because for the basic stats I am using 200-250 hands is a good enough sample to get ideas on their ranges.

A lot of work but definitely worth it. I’d like to go crazy with it and add stats for later streets and AF etc but I think what I got is adequate and that would start to be too much work.


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    Yup, this is basically what diligent live players do.

    Incidentally, while the WSOP replayer is not the best, I far prefer to compile stats after the session by using it. I almost exclusively play tournaments and multi-tabling I miss gameflow cues and timing tells if I try to take too many notes in real time.
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