Deep Stack AK vs TT

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I was playing a deep stack online game with 2 wild beasts, and there was a hand I wasn't involved in that I had been thinking about a bit, and decided I should just post it here.

One of the monsters was in the lojack with 450 BB behind, and the other was in the cutoff had the table covered.

3 Folds
LJ opens to 3 BB
HJ Folds
CO 3-bets to 9 BB
BU, SB, and BB fold
LJ 4-bets to 23 BB
CO calls 14 BB

Flop (46 BB, effective stacks 427 BB, so SPR~9) comes:

LJ Checks
CO bets 32 BB
LJ Calls 32 BB

Turn (Pot 110 BB, effective stacks 395 BB, SPR~4)

LJ Checks
CO bets 110 BB (pot)
LJ shoves almost 4x for 395 BB
CO calls 285 BB

Pot 900 BB

LJ shows:

CO shows:

Some of my opinions while thinking about the hand:

Preflop was fine by both players. 5-Betting or flatting with AKo this deep I think are both fine.
In most 4 bet pots, I normally think both of these hands need to get it in on this flop. However, I am not used to 4-bet pots with an SPR of 9 on the flop...
I like AK's semi-bluff on the flop with SPR~9, because if he LJ raises, can semi-bluff shove here. But not sure I like AK's semi-bluff on the turn with SPR~4, because it becomes a much tougher spot if LJ raises back.
Initially I didn't think I liked TT going this far with a pair (and some interesting additional outs.) But as I think about CO's range more, LJ may have done what he needed to do,

Just curious what others think, are these players on the wild side for this deep on this type of board, or does this seem about right?


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