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blindraiseblindraise Red Chipper Posts: 283 ✭✭
.02/.05 Zoom (Ignition)

Hero(270 BB) raises 3bb UTG w/ :Td:9d
Folds to button(70bb) who calls
SB(39bb eff.) calls
BB folds

Flop(9.6bb; 4spr): :9c:8c:Jc

checks through

Turn: :Tc

SB bets 5bb
Hero calls
But. folds

River(18.8bb): :9h

SB bets 14bb


Alright so general field tendencies I've personally picked up on: opps are underbluffing, don't often chase, opp strategies rely on setmining regardless of stack depth, opps ranges are generally tight, light call downs, face-up raises as well as bets, you generally need 2pair+ to win at showdown. There are occasionally button vs. blind situations as well as blind vs. blind that can loosen ranges, and these situations are generally the only opportunity to deviate from fundamental strategy.

In my mind, the button calling an UTG raise eliminates the top end of the matrix. I think I'm most likely against mid to low pocket pairs, suited connectors and gappers, offsuit broadway cards, Ax suited, Kx suited, maybe some Qx suited, and offsuit broadway cards that would prefer to realize equity before investing chips.

The small blind is a tough one. I see different opponents do very different things from the small blind, so a call pretty much only eliminates aces and kings, and probably AKs. That said I do put small blind on a tight range consisting of Ax suited, KJs-K8s, offsuit broadways, JJ-22 and maybe suited connectors down to 87s.

The flop checking through tells me I currently have the best hand. SB checked rather quickly which is likely a sign of weakness and button clicked auto-check which tells me he's ready for the next hand.

The turn is interesting in that I dont think my equity actually improves. SB's donk turns his hand face-up in my eyes. Such a small sizing is begging a call, I'm not sure if this is a fold or a call for my holding, but I go ahead and call due to the implied odds (I expect to win buttons entire stack as well as small blinds) if a 9 or 10 hits the river. I also have chop opportunities if the board plays.

Button folds unfortunately, we fill up and SB fires again.

What is hero's next course of action? Without reads, and with field tendencies in mind, were any mistakes made?


  • ulysses27ulysses27 Red Chipper Posts: 109 ✭✭
    The bet sizing is interesting. With 5bb on the turn it seems like a small value bet but then he bets 2/3 pot on the river. The one card that beats your hand is Qc. But there are a lot of other clubs he could have and play it this way. And I would think if he didn't have any clubs he would check because you said the bluff % is pretty low at this table. I didn't do an EV calc on this but I would guess it's pretty close or you might be ahead. I would probably call and just take the cooler if he turned over the Qc.
  • RyanH1995RyanH1995 Red Chipper Posts: 84 ✭✭
    Considering that villain started the hand with only 39bb and flats from the sb I don't think his large sizing on the river means much. I think he is probably using that sizing with any flush. You lose to the :7c and :Qc which make up only a small part of villain's range. Folding is out of the question the real question is whether or not shoving only gets you called by better hands. I don't think villain should have any boats here either b/c if he were to bet a set or two pair on the turn (88 seems like only possible one here) he would only be getting called by better.

    I have also been playing 5NL zoom on ignition and have noticed pretty different field tendencies. I agree that opponents will call with small PP from any position without considering stack sizes. I have found that many opponents chase draws heavily and do not consider the price they are getting at all and a lot of them also overvalue top pair and even raise with it regardless of board texture. In my experience the field is very loose and will float the flop very wide and will turn many hands into a bluff on the river after turn checks through.
  • blindraiseblindraise Red Chipper Posts: 283 ✭✭

    I agree there are no sets/fh combinations in opps range that make sense by the river.

    We did end up shoving, expecting to get called by all of opps club hands as well as sticky straight combos that cant let go of their hand.

    Opp tabled :Qc:5c.

    As far as field tendencies, I think the action youre describing is best-case scenario in 5nl zoom. I dont run a hud so I can't speak stats but the action in 5nl varies wildly. That said I think the action at this time (2am MT, 27bb avg on flop) is closer to your observations.


    Yeap definitely close. I ran ranges through equilab the other day, don't remember exact percentages but we're @ 50% equity on the flop, 18% on the turn (small blind is the favorite @ 35%), and 80% by the river.

    This makes calling the turn slightly -EV but opps inelasticity to a river shove if we make the nuts may or may not make this line profitable in the long run.

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