CO KQo vs unknown NL2 (mBTC), hard river decision (maybe earlier misplayed?)

M.C.S.M.C.S. Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
Hi together,

After a quite longish poker break I restarted online play yesterday. 200 hands or so were quite boring, but one hand quite in the beginning made me feel totally uncomfortable:

BU villain unknown.

UTG limped all the time, so I tried to iso raise.
I liked my draw and decided to play it aggressively by playing X/R. I'd also have liked a button check. UTG folded and I didn't want to play the nut straight draw oop of position without initiative.
From here on I screw up. I watched a video of Split where he mentioned "out-of-position X/C usually is a good strategy for pair and draw", but this was told for c-betting the flop. On the other hand, I improved my hand to TPGK and could have the best hand now. But would he still call with for example AJ? So I check with the intention to call and see a river.
I improve to two pair, but every ace and 9 best me now. I check and (of course?) villain bets. And there I am.

I tanked a long while and used my timebank, and in the end, I decided to fold this hand because I could have better hands here to bluff catch with (like TT+). On the other hand, I probably would have bet these hands on the turn, too. So what could I have here to bluff catch with? Was my turn check wrong?

Help really appreciated :-)

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