88 in a 3 bet

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This is a hand I recently played at 10nl. I wanted to double check my math and my thinking. Two important factors were that SB is someone I've played a lot against and he loves to 3bet from the blinds and button. He wins pots doing this a lot and sometimes when you call or re-raise he will fold. BB a few hands before tried to bluff me of a K high with J4 offsuit and was also playing a lot of hands. Both of this played into my thinking.

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NL Holdem $0.1(BB)
BTN ($9.85) [VPIP: 21.3% | PFR: 17.4% | AGG: 24% | 3-Bet: 3.2% | Hands: 156]
SB ($17.8) [VPIP: 23.7% | PFR: 18.7% | AGG: 39.2% | 3-Bet: 7.5% | Hands: 1808]
BB ($12.32) [VPIP: 53.3% | PFR: 23.3% | AGG: 29% | 3-Bet: 0% | Hands: 30]
HERO ($23.64) [VPIP: 25.8% | PFR: 16.1% | AGG: 41.4% | 3-Bet: 4.5% | Hands: 4694]
EP ($10.07) [VPIP: 13.8% | PFR: 8.5% | AGG: 33.3% | 3-Bet: 4.3% | Hands: 94]
MP ($13.64) [VPIP: 15.3% | PFR: 8.5% | AGG: 28.5% | 3-Bet: 4.6% | Hands: 569]
HJ ($13.22) [VPIP: 19.5% | PFR: 15% | AGG: 41.4% | 3-Bet: 5.6% | Hands: 1859]
CO ($11.44) [VPIP: 22.3% | PFR: 17.8% | AGG: 34.7% | 3-Bet: 6.4% | Hands: 203]

Dealt to Hero: 8h 8s

HERO Raises To $0.30, EP Folds, MP Folds, HJ Folds, CO Folds, BTN Folds, SB Raises To $1, BB Calls $0.90, HERO Calls $0.70

Hero SPR on Flop: [3.77 effective]
Flop ($3.00): Qs Qd 6d
SB Checks, BB Checks, HERO Bets $1.42 (Rem. Stack: 21.22), SB Folds, BB Calls $1.42 (Rem. Stack: 9.90)

Turn ($5.84): Qs Qd 6d Ac
BB Checks, HERO Checks

River ($5.84): Qs Qd 6d Ac 3d
BB Bets $2.76 (Rem. Stack: 7.14), HERO ? (Rem. Stack: 18.46)

Some thoughts on my strategy. I raised the flop because I thought they both might be bluffing or have weak hands. Also, since I called the 3bet it's possible I might have something like AQ or a strong pair. I checked the turn because the A would fit into V range and I was wary of him slow playing or bluffing. On the river I didn't think the 3d changed things much as I wouldn't imagine V would be chasing too many flush draws but I could have been wrong there. I did my EV calculations and giving V just pairs and top broadways I had 28% equity which worked out to basically a coin flip.

Any feedback on my math or strategy would be greatly appreciated.


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,483 -
    I think there's a couple of points where, to me, your thinking seems a bit fuzzy.

    On the flop, you don't raise it since it checks to you, you bet it. You say you did this because you thought they might be bluffing or have weak hands. They can't bluff by checking. The reason to bet 88 here is that you're probably ahead and it's a hand that needs protection.

    Again, on the turn, you say you're wary of the BB bluffing. Your check is probably fine, but is a check-raise bluff at 10NL really a worry a here?

    Concerning the math, I'd need to see the range you're assigning V. Did you start with a preflop range and trim it down by street? You say you don't think V has many FDs. You may be right, but I'm not sure where that assumption comes from.
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  • PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 87 ✭✭
    You said that you bet flop because you might have AQ, but then you checked turn because you thought the A might his BB's range? BB cold called a 3B. What is his 3B calling range? (might also think about what hand's he'd 4B.)

    I think the turn is a good card for you, and I think you should have bet again. If he raises you, then you can fold. Also, the turn bet might make BB check to you on the river. You would have paid the same amount to see the river, but it would have avoided the river decision that you now face.
  • ulysses27ulysses27 Red Chipper Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Thanks, this is helpful. Definitely some wholes in my logic. Appreciate the feedback.

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