1/3 Encore AKo in 4b pot

March422March422 Red Chipper Posts: 22 ✭✭
Villain just sat down transfer with more than max buy in this is his 1st hand. Young asian is all i have to go on.

Folds to V in CO ($350) Raise $11
HERO btn ($450) :Ah:Ks 3b $32
Folds to V $70 H call

As i am trying to articulate why i 3b here i realize im not really sure what i am 3bing here so i definitely need to break this down. I honestly wasnt thinking about my range here just looked at AK on the button and 3b. Now facing a min 4b vs a complete unknown i think calling is best to avoid a major mistake. 5b never really crossed my mind since i can count on one hand the times ive been 4b in these games. Calling i thought cant be terrible. I put V on QQ+ AK because i have no info to assume otherwise.

FLOP ($140) :Jc:7c:4d
V ck hero ck
Here i interpret a check to be villain doing one of two things. Either giving up with some air ball hand but that doesnt make sense given sizing and him being oop. Or more likely him feeling like hes got this board locked down. With :Ac:Kc or :Ac Ax I think checking QQ here if he is 4b this hand is too risky to check oop

V $60 H call
I am still stuck on V checking the flop. If he had checked the flop to give up why would he bet when this card hits my range harder. Why wouldnt he be bluffing at a j high board on the flop. If he had checked QQ why would he now come out and bet when the overcard comes. I didnt shove because i didnt want v to be freerolling with :Ac Kx . I still have position and plan to call any non :Xc I probably would also call :Ac

RIVER ($260) :8c
V $125 H Folds

Villain leaves $75 behind. This looks like value to me the only other thing it could be is V turning something like red QQ into a bluff? should i have just closed my eyes and shove on the turn. I mean i have tptk and the spr was 2.


  • JoeOffsuitJoeOffsuit Red Chipper Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    Preflop in this spot I think flatting or 3-betting are both fine with this hand against an unknown opponent.

    His hand looks a lot like AK, If that's what he has:
    The 2 times he has the Ac, you lose $125
    The 4 times he doesn't you win $130
    Every time he is bluffing, you win $385
    Every time he holds any club, you lose $125

    Against a completely unknown opponent who came to this table with a deep stack, I really don't think it is terrible calling here. Even if we do lose to some small trashy club, at least see what he was 4-betting us with preflop.
  • Doogal_DDoogal_D Red Chipper Posts: 7 ✭✭
    edited August 13
    Everyone, please feel free to rip apart my thoughts on this. It's my first attempt at this.
    I awanted to clarify / disagree with just a couple of things you mentioned:
    1. V is only 4b QQ+ AK. I would consider that he could be slightly wider (not much though). As you said, you have no info on this guy, he started with a bit over 100bb (~115bb), he's in the CO, and he only min 4b. To me, these all point to a slightly wider 4b range. Maybe he's somewhat trapping but if he had KK or AA I think he'd go a little bigger. Granted, the SPR is only ~2 on this flop (technically just under), so the stacks should be going in anyways.
    2. The K hits your range harder than his. He 4b and you called. You've both got a lot of Kings in your ranges, but he should have a higher density.
    3. As mentioned earlier, the SPR was ~2 on the flop. At that point, I would have my stack going in, especially with TPTK on the turn, regardless if there's a flush on the board.

    Again, I would love to have people tear my thoughts apart. It'll only help me.
  • Gameaholic21Gameaholic21 New JerseyRed Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    If Villain is only 4 betting QQ+, AK then you have around 39% equity against this tight range. Add any other hands into the mix like AQ and/or JJ and you only go up, even if it's only slight. I usually like to play my 60-40s so as played even if we had him on the tight range I would call the 4 bet. I might consider a 5 bet if I though his range was even a little wider then you gave him since you may have some fold equity, but I don't see anything wrong with a call either in this spot.
    I am still stuck on V checking the flop. If he had checked the flop to give up why would he bet when this card hits my range harder

    He is likely checking the flop to see what you do which is pretty standard OOP or he did check with the intention of giving up, but then he hit the K. AK is very much in V's range, and since you don't have either Club it's possible he has the Ac. Both clubs would make the 4bet make more sense, but we know he doesn't have the Kc since it comes on the turn, but that makes the flop check make more sense since he would likely C-bet with 4 clubs to the nut flush.

    On the flop V likely doesn't have a lot of monsters here (Flopped sets are a little unlikely as I don't think 77 and 44 would be in V's 4b range. JJ is the only possible one if he were more aggressive than normal, but we don't have a lot of information on him, JJ is more likely to call. QQ+ AK makes the most sense for a 4bet like we assigned previously). Once you check the flop back, your range likely either looks weaker than it actually is to opponent, which could induce a bet on the turn or more likely you're assigned a range that has a lot of unpaired big cards (AK, AQ, KQs are all pretty easy to have in your range) which he can try to bet you off of. Once the Kc hits and Villain bets, it seems likely he has AK like Joe said above.

    There's 2 combos of AK remaining that have the club :Ac:Kh and :Ac:Kd.

    There's 4 combos of AK that do not have any club
    :As:Kd, :As:Kh, :Ad:Kd, :Ad:Kh .
    should i have just closed my eyes and shove on the turn. I mean i have tptk and the spr was 2.

    I would have looked for the shove personally. Unless V's 4-bet range includes a lot of hands that probably shouldn't be 4-bet, it's unlikely he has a made flush by the turn. Most likely a 4-card flush and given the SPR of 2, we should look to get it in with TPTK against a draw, a hand like QQ or AJ that we dominate he got sticky with, and also get some fold equity of a hand we tie (AK) to try and win the pot outright rather than split.

    As played, I agree with Joe that a river call wouldn't be a terrible move. We already said the SPR was low so getting it in even on a loss is the price of information to see what we were 4bet with and what bets the turn here.

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