1/3 Encore turn overpair into bluff?

March422March422 Red Chipper Posts: 22 ✭✭
Hero transfered to table half hour ago havent seen raiser do anything out of line really no read other than hes probably not going to get out of line from utg.

Utg Splashy fishy reg ($300) Straddle $6
Guy in his 70s or 80s mp1 ($800) Raises to $19
Hero ($420 ) :Js:Jd call
Btn ($200) call
Straddle calls.

Flop: ($76) :5s:5d:3c
Check, mp1 $15 Hero $40, fold, fold, call
I make a small raise to protect my hand from the players behind me without completely blowing out hands i beat. I dont expect to get mp1 to fold im just trying to limit the bad if he has QQ+

Turn : (156) :7D:
Mp1 check Hero $40 call
Again trying to keep hands like AK in and limit the damage from QQ+

River ($236) :9C:
Mp1 check hero check
Should hero just rip it in here? Its clear to me villain is a bit uneasy even if he does have AA or KK then again if we did ever expect to get an all in call what other hands would he call with? So im trying to get him to fold the only hands in his range he could call with.
On the other hand checking this down just is ignoring the fact that v can never have the nuts here. I feel like if I had gotten here with 67s or something i would have shoved and won. If the river had put a 4 card straight out there i think i would shove but i wasnt sure if the 5s alone would be enough to push him off and i have some showdown value if he did float some AQ AK which i was trying to keep in.


  • JoeOffsuitJoeOffsuit Red Chipper Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    Pre-flop and flop I agree with your play.

    On the turn I am not a big fan of "same bet", I like to bet at least half pot heads up. I am concerned a small bet like this might motivate a check-raise which would put us in a difficult spot.

    On the river, what would you be trying to accomplish by ripping it after villain checks?
  • Cracked_Jacks11Cracked_Jacks11 Red Chipper Posts: 47 ✭✭
    Similar to Joe, I think pre-flop and flop are fine. On the river, as played I think checking back is good, too. Assuming this guy fits a typical "old guy" stereotype, there are almost no hands you can get value from on the river other than TT. If you think he'll get sticky with AK it might be worth putting in a small bet, as long as you're ok value-owning yourself at a decent frequency when he has QQ+.

    Personally, I think the turn is the most interesting decision-point in this hand. You chose to bet small in order to keep his AK in and "limit the damage from QQ+." However, I would question whether a small bet is the best way to do that.
    This bet seems to be a blend between value and pot-control (please correct me if that's wrong). It may be hard to accomplish both, though, and when you get called (which will happen often) you still won't have a great sense of whether you're ahead or behind. You're left to figure out the river in a bigger pot. Personally, I think it would be worth assessing which you are more concerned with and then act accordingly, either checking behind for pot control or betting bigger for value.

    Out of curiosity, do you know what you would have done if he led out on the river, say for $150? JJ seems too strong to fold in that situation most of the time, but depending how you characterize him and his bluffing frequencies I would be interested to know whether you thought about that or not.

  • RCP Coach - Fausto ValdezRCP Coach - Fausto Valdez RCP Coach Posts: 859 ✭✭✭✭
    So im gonna say this with love @March422 - ure thought process on how to traverse through the streets seems very centered around being risk averse and does not lead to clear path of general outcomes. This is going to get you in trouble in other spots since your range is capped and face up. It also highlights where your at in your range because your bet sizes relates to your emotional side.
  • March422March422 Red Chipper Posts: 22 ✭✭
    Im sorry guys i screwed up description of villain as i am thinking of the reading the responses im remembering why i thought villain wouldnt outplay me even if i turned my hand faceup. This i think is definitely useful i dont know why i said i had no info i guess i was rushing a bit.

    One of the first hands at the table he made a more than pot size raise otf after a bet and call everyone folded and he said the typical oh I dont want to let you guys get there and tabled top set. This tells me v is scared to be drawn out on and just wants to take the pot down when he feels he has the best of it.

    Maybe it had been more like an hr at the table i had seen v mostly playing passive limping along or folding i do believe he was pfr in hand above but i can't remember specifics.

    This was the first straddle so i still took a $19 open from this villain utg to still be super strong even though its only 3x now. I thought pf he'll def let me know if im beat post flop. For example if flop was T64R and v had QQ,KK,AA he would probably bet $100 and be content to take it down.

    I didnt expect villain to make any sort of moves on me and really i thought he might not even cbet AK here but what am i to do with JJ. On the turn i was trying to pot control yea but also not freeroll AK since there is a chance he would c bet and peel one card for my small raise on the flop. Once he called though i pretty much had him beating me here even with how passive he played it.

    If on the turn i bet $75 and get called should i shove this river? Again maybe my description of villain would change thoughts on the turn action

    Since I put V on a tight range pf i dont assume he has any 5x in his range and by the way he is playing this hand to this point it seems like hes uneasy even though it looks to me he does have hero beat here.

    Thanks for the responses it helps me really put myself back in that situation and helps me to figure out why exactly I did what i did even if it was incorrect.

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