Nice GTO+ Content

CoffeeAt3AMCoffeeAt3AM Hudson Valley, NYRed Chipper Posts: 882 ✭✭✭
One of the things many people have complained about over on RIO for the past couple of years (increasingly so) is that their videos are more and more compiled of almost entirely PIOSolver review of hands. While this can be helpful, and we all like viewing them, we feel like it's cutting us short to have almost 90% of the content be nothing but this. Here on RCP, you're offering extremely diverse content and it's nice to see you integrating GTO+ into your work *as well* as PIO.

I'm going through the 1% series and also reviewing "questioning the 1%" and I'm learning a ton. The concept of maintaining smooth edges through each part of your pyramid was something I realize now I totally misunderstood in the past. That said, I was already doing this more naturally these days and in all reality, solvers get on board with this concept quite often.


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