Snapping at the table

MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 136 ✭✭
I like most players play for fun and to relax. I almost never tilt and I almost never lose my temper. Here is one exception and I am wondering on thought. I was in day one of a MSPT $350. One player at my table was a daily MTT player that I have never had an issue with in about 10 years of playing with him. This day for whatever reason he decided to comment on my play (just me, no one else) and during active hands. I called the floor who gave him a penalty. He was good for about 1/2 hour then starts up again. After about 6 hours of him commenting on just about every hand I played this one comes up. I have AK-D under the gun plus one and raise 2.5BB (my standard early open) I get 4 callers. Flop comes J (d) T (X) 5 (D) so I have a gut shot with nut flush draw. I bet 3/4 pot and get one caller. At this point mr mouth says to the player next to him but loud enough for the table to hear that I have shit and am on a bluff. The dealer burns and I stop him from putting out the turn and ask for the floor. The floor comes over and asks what is going on. I explain the current situation and what has been happening for the entire tourney. Dealer can not confirm and his neighbor will not confirm. Floor gives a warning. Dealer puts out the turn a 3 (S) and I jam. The remaining player thinks for about 3 minutes and calls. Once cards are flipped Mr Mouth states I knew you had shit and were on a pure bluff. At this point I lose it. I start by pointing out the a semi bluff is far from a pure bluff and having nut flush and nut straight draws is far from having nothing (hate to admit it but four letter words were involved) floor is called by the dealer and I get a well deserved penalty (my first ever) and he got booted from the tourney for multiple violations. I had an average stack and had the other player covered. Two questions, one was it a good shove (still day one of a two day tourney) and I right away apologized to the rest of the table, the dealer and the floor but at that point was I justified in popping my cork? Honestly I don't think I was but he found my breaking point that day. In the two tournies that I have played with him since he hasn't said boo to me.


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    You clearly had every reason to be extremely PO'd. Whether you flip out or not is, by definition, not a decision it's an honest emotional reaction. Apologizing to those caught up in the drama once you've cooled off is the best thing you can do. Glad to hear the clown got DQ'd.

    As to the hand, with all the other nonsense going on I think I probably check the turn. More generally, to assess it we'll need stacks and more info on V.

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    Can't really evaluate your hand without stacks and positions, but on the whole the 3/4 cbet isn't that helpful to your tournament game. Being all in the on the turn, although we can't tell what the depth is, isn't necessarily desirable.
  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 136 ✭✭
    I had roughly 33BB V had roughly 27BB, I was UTG+1 V was one seat right of HJ

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