Hand Review - Part 1

Steve MSteve M Red Chipper Posts: 47 ✭✭
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Game = $1/$2 = 7 Players

Friday Night. High Hand Promotion running that always attracts a mixed crowd.

Hero = Less than 20 minutes into session. Nothing to highlight.

Villain = Young kid, early 20's, dressed nice in a button down shirt. Has headphones in both ears. Usually, I would think this profile is here for a Friday night out & had wandered in to 'try' poker but his stack & the headphones made me think maybe not.

Only hand of note was Villain had literally just won a $500+ hand with pocket aces the previous hand when he 3-bet a $10 open to $30 & it ended up being a 4 way all-in with two ~$80 stacks & his ~$225 stack. It went something like raise, call, 3-bet, call, call, all-in, all-in, call. It was one of those hands with 2 short stacks shrugging & shoving for ~$80 after calling a $10 raise. One of those dream spots with aces that I never find myself in but I digress...

Effective Stack = $300 (Me)

Hero = :7c:5c

UTG/UTG+1/UTG+2 = Folds
Cut-Off (Villain) = Raises $10
Button (Hero) = Calls $10
SB = Calls $10
BB = Calls $10

In all honesty, I can't remember if both blinds called or if there was a limp call. It was a bit of a scramble at the table because 2 people had been stacked and were laughing about the hand and calling for chips so there was a lot going on. I do know that 4 people went to the flop.

I considered 3-betting but I didn't know anything about any players at the table. We were both relatively deep and I would have position so decided to flat. Confident enough in my ability to play these hands on the button to a smaller raise. Once 2 other players call, it's just fit or fold time.

Flop = $40


SB = Checks
BB = Checks
CO (Villain) = Bets $30
Button (Hero) = Calls $30
SB = Folds
BB = Calls $30

I wasn't sure what to make of the 3/4 pot bet. It was a relatively dry board & he was betting into 3 players. I felt like that size leaned more towards a vulnerable, made hand. I figured his best hands here were pocket 7's-pocket Jacks, or a pair of kings. Not sure if he's betting his ace highs into 3 players so not sure if he has air here. I decided to call since I didn't want to get re-raised or shoved on and have to fold my equity and since I had position, I could try and take the pot on later streets if I felt weakness. Without a backdoor flush draw, I decided to call.

I was surprised that the BB called but from my little time at the table, he was getting involved in a lot of pots.

Turn = $130


BB = Checks
Villain = Bets $50
Hero = Calls $50
BB = Calls $40 & is All-In

I considered raising here but I got greedy. When I looked at the BB's stack, I could tell it was right around $50 and wanted him to come along. I figured , I have the nuts, and if I raise here, I'm giving them both the option of getting off easy. I didn't want to raise and get 2 folds. When Villain leads out again, I now think he has at least a King. I thought if I raised, my button calling range would have a lot of strong hands on this board without many bluffs so the villain could get away from a hand like A,K. I felt the better play was to flat & bet 1/3-1/2 on the river to get a call from his Kings & if he does lead again, I have a nice stack to shove with.

River = $270


Villain = Bets $75

Hero = ???


  • Jordan PowerJordan Power Red Chipper Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
    Just a call IMO. When we raise here, are we getting looked up by Kx? Probably not. I think you're gonna be good here a crazy high chunk of the time based upon Vs river bet sizing choice. If he backdoored the flush, good for him. If he chose to bet 3/4 pot with KK on a dry board and now has a boat, bully for him.

    But both of these hands would likely bet larger than quarterish pot.

    I would just flat and if he has you beat, thank him in your mind for letting you off so cheap.

    Also as a side note, V uses a smaller sizing on every street from the flop to the river. I typically think this is not a player who loves his hand. :AD: combos might make nice river bluffs here.
  • March422March422 Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    I would i think get it in on the river i dont really see v betting into 4 ppl otf with a backdoor draw. Hands that beat us kk 3 combos 66 1 combo 44 3 combos.

    I also think we should raise flop and barrell turn to balance our sets unless you are flatting them here which would make sense board is pretty dry. I think by playing this way we can often get v off his weaker Kx i dont expect to get folds from Ak AA or better but i think the more likely scenario is we min raise otf come out for 100 on the turn and v sigh folds KJ KT type hands. By just calling we are kind of just hoping to hit our hand
  • Steve MSteve M Red Chipper Posts: 47 ✭✭
    Hero jammed all in & villain #1 called with pocket kings to win the pot. Fun side note: he had pocket Aces & pocket Kings back to back & won around $1,000 with them.

    @Jordan Power I was thinking exactly like you were in terms of reading his bet sizes. The only other thing that gave me pause was that he was betting with a player All-In meaning he was going to have to show his hand so he can't ever really be bluffing here. In the moment, I thought the board pairing actually might make it more likely for me to get hero called by A,K thinking I could be doing it with a weaker K but is he ever leading A,K here? Wouldn't he be check calling? Looking back I think that was where my logic was off.
    I also think we should raise flop and barrell turn to balance our sets unless you are flatting them here which would make sense board is pretty dry.

    @March422 That was my thinking here. It was such a dry board, that I would only flat sets here so why raise this draw. If there had been a club on board, I may have considered it more, but still think I can only ever call on this board with my strong hands & draws.

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