AK 4 Bet Backfired

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I have been playing $1/2 in Casino. its 9 handed table.

Small Blind - $1
Hero - Big blind -$2 , I have around $350
UTG - $2 (This guy joined the table an 30 min back, Preflop Raising for $17 and continuing with CBETs. He is not showing any hands until now) . He has around $225
UTG+1 - Fold
UTG+2 - Raise $7 ( He talked like a semi pro, Talking all the ODD calculation and saying why he is not paying @2/5 and prefer 1 /2 . Also talking about hourly pay off) . The previous time when he did this bet on He Had A7 Sutied. I put him on any suited hand or better. He has around $450
Everyone folded

Action on BB ( I had :AC::KS: ) , I decided to Four Bet here considering his rank and I put $25
UTG+1 Hesitated and called $25

UTG+2 , Said the UTG+1 made him to play the hand and called the $25

Pot is around $78

Flop Comes :KC::QD::5D:

I was happy to see the flop, I wasn't sure being oop what should be the bet. Considering I have a top pair and Topkicker, I thought any Diamond drawing will Call and Any Kx will call.
HERO -$25 ( I am not sure if this is a good bet or bad cbet, looking for your comments)
UTG+1 - Immdeiately he said raise and Put in $125

Pot is around $225
UTG+2 ( The Pro/ Semi pro) said the only option he has is Jamming in and thought form some time and said Yes, Jamming is the only option and put all in .

What should Hero Do?

this was my thought during the play, Going by the Crash cours $1/2 , I never ever want to pay off in this 1,2 game. i thought the only hands that could do this is UTG+1 must have KK, QQ and he slow played them preflop or else he hit the Two pair with KQ.

UTG+2 is must be on a flush draw based on his $7 preflop bet.

I didn't think my top pair top kicker is good to jam in this multiway spot and also don't want to payooff any one. So i folded

UTG+1 showed :KH::QC:
UTG +2 showed :9D::JD:

Turn was brick didn't remember and River was :AH:

I hit the better 2 pair but i thought it was a good fold. Also not sure if my CBet is right in this spot? any other line we can take for this hand?


  • LoveFishLoveFish IllinoisRed Chipper Posts: 100 ✭✭
    edited September 2019
    Your hand review is somewhat hard to follow.

    Preflop I think you might mean 3 betting the initial raiser as he only raised to 7$. You re raising to 25$ would be the “3rd” bet.

    Perfect to 3bet here but as I’m out of position and I don’t have suited cards I’m going to raise bigger probably to 35$. 25$ is just to small here we are giving him to good of a price to call in position.

    You are betting way to small here! You hit the top of your range and you need to go for value especially multi way. I would probably tend to lead here rather large. 55- 60$.

    As played fold here is a good choice. You led 25$, were raised to 125$, and then jammed on for for 300$ more to go.

    Your mistake in the hand ultimately was pre flop, you re raised to small allowing the utg limper to hitch hike, pricing in utg+2.
  • March422March422 Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    I dont think the 3b size is bad i would prob go to $30. I think villains sizing of$7 after a limper is probably a sign that he forks his range PF so I would be assigning him suited AX suited, suited connectors, gappers, middle pairs speculative type hands.

    I wouldn't expect utg to come along often here after we 3b since he has shown he likes to enter pots with aggression. I would assume hes trying to limp in with a similar range to the raiser and try to see a flop and should be content just letting go being in the middle and facing the chance of a 4b.

    I think we need to be cbetting more like $50 here. Its going to be a sick spot when we get raised by the big stack and is going to be dependent on how you think he plays his draws vs 2pr /sets. Against utg we just get it in at this stack depth. If they both shove over my $50 as a default i would probably fold putting bigger stack on the made hand. However this could easily be a shove vs a villain who likes to splash around like we see here. So take note and next time we take TP all the way vs this guy.

    As played the pot is small enough that for me when they both get it in here it makes it much easier to fold especially with only $50 invested.

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