Tournament hand review - squeezing with AQo for 20bb.

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MTT (15/41 remaining; blinds 800/1.6k, big blind ante)

UTG (5bb) limps
UTG +1 (25bb) limps
Hero (20bb, MP): :As:Qc - all in

Was this a good squeeze? In the moment I thought it was to try and pick up the 4.5BB but I was not extremely confident. My reasoning is that with two limpers I need to open raise to about 3.5bb-4bb at least to get some fold equity leaving me with 16bb and a pot of 8-9 bb if I only get one caller or 12bb if I get two callers. This struck me as an undesirable spot.

I checked some push fold charts and extrapolating a little, it seems fine but are there better lines here? Is this just a standard shove spot?

Thanks in advance for you advice!

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  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,171 -
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    UTG limps off 5bb??


    Uhm... Shoving is probably standard, although with that bizarre action in front of you one could argue nothing in this spot is standard since it should never arise. I think you could make a case just for a smallish iso raise since there are quite a few people left to act.
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