Keeping Track of Bankroll

WalkerOnlineWalkerOnline Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
So, I've been playing cash game 1/2 very sparsely for several years. I bring 300 with me and I play until I get a decent win going, or if I feel I'm in a session where I'm bleeding cash and I leave with some money.
Currently, my best result was a 300 to 1336 session that lasted just under 4 hours. My worst session had me losing my 300 in amazingly quick fashion to two LAG players directly to my left who tried to take out everyone and each other.

I was taught that the biggest difference between being a good and bad gambler was tracking your wins and losses. I have a form I fill out with the date, location, starting and ending cash, and how many hours played.

I know currently I do not have enough volume to justify saying if I'm good bad or just lucky, thanks to the sporadic trips to casinos 2+ hours away. I also was not interested early on about keeping a bankroll, as the money I earned went into paying off bills early.

When looking at my overall info, I've played around 50 to 60 hours ( a few early sessions are not tracked, because I wasn't thinking long term) and my total win/loss shows me as positive 2000.

Am I tracking this properly? Any advice from other live players who track info?


  • Jordan PowerJordan Power Red Chipper Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
    I like the app Poker Income Pro. Was like $11. Nice to just click a button, start a session and it’ll track the exact time of it. Can track breaks, tips, meals etc.

    Keeps it nice and exact and has some basic reporting capabilities.
  • MrFussMrFuss Red Chipper Posts: 142 ✭✭
    I've been using Poker Analytics 5 and would recommend it.
  • RoblivionRoblivion WisconsinRed Chipper Posts: 354 ✭✭✭
    I use an android app called Poker Bankroll Tracker. There's a form where you input session information where you can be as detailed or vague as you want. I only put in money bought in for, money cashed out, hours, date and location, but there is more data you can input. Then the software auto-generates a bunch of different stats, again you can look at as much or as little as you want. There's a free version that has as much as you need, or a pay version that has import and export data ability and some other features I think.
  • Raddad_101213Raddad_101213 Red Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    Yes poker bankroll tracker is a free app and it's awesome

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