Tough AA spot no good options?

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I have 2 questions in this hand I broke it down into 2 parts.

It’s our second hand at the table we sit down at 1/2 with 200$ max buy in. Table is fairly deep only 1 short stack that has 60$. Rest of players 200$ plus.

Part 1
We are in the small blind and are dealt

5 people limp 2$

We raise to 15$ from the small blind

We get called by 4 people. Pre flop total pot is 77$

Flop :Th:7s:3h

Hero first to act we lead 40$ ( To small?)

All 4 players call

Turn :Th:7s:3h:Qh 277$ In pot

We have 145$ behind. What should we do?

Option 1) check?
Option 2) check jam,
Option 3) fold to a big bet. As it’s pretty polarizing spot.
Option 4) open ship

Part 2

We elect to check and see what develops.

Big blind bets 75$ folds back to us. 354$ now in pot.

With 145$ what should we do?

Option1)Call and fold when no heart on river
Option 2) fold
Option 3) all in.


  • RyanH1995RyanH1995 Red Chipper Posts: 81 ✭✭
    I think you should have raised bigger pre flop, probably something like $25 would be better. When no one raises your flop bet I think sets are unlikely and their range is mostly weak pairs and flush draws. On the turn the SPR is so low I think you should just shove. You have the :Ah if you are behind and these players seem pretty sticky and could call with worse like a pair + flush draw. As played after BB bets less than 1/3 pot I would shove as his bet size is not indicative of a flush. I think the small raise size pre flop made the hand much harder to play as you are OOP in a 5way bloated pot.
  • March422March422 Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
    Pre flop i would size up to $18 to $20 being oop. $15 is a standard raise that limpers typically won't be folding to especially in position and could result in us going to the flop 4 or 5 way.

    As played on the flop I would probably bet $50 with the intention of calling an all in.

    On the turn this is a shove. We are never drawing dead and there is so much money in there already its definitely possible we get looked up by worse. If we check we potentially give someone a freeroll to catch up. After checking and facing the bet I would get it in theres no reason to call or fold IMO.
  • MrFussMrFuss Red Chipper Posts: 142 ✭✭
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    I agree with whats already been said.

    Bigger raise pre, at least 20.
    With a SPR of 2.5 on this flop Im looking to get my stack in. Flop bet is ok but could be bigger. There's plenty of hands you can get value from.

    On the turn maybe QT gets there but Im probably shoving straight away. Checking and letting someone peel a free winner would be disaster. If you're behind you have plenty of outs and the pot is huge. As played I would go all in after BB bets small.

    Also nice to sit down, play aggressively and let the table know you're not here to mess around.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,399 -
    I have a question rather than an answer.

    When you say we check the turn to see what develops... What are the possible outcomes that can develop here and do any of them involve you folding?

    In Part 1, option 3, there is no "big bet" possible here. You only have 1/2 pot behind.
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  • F0gh0rn1egh0rnF0gh0rn1egh0rn Red Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭
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    @LoveFish Someone has the flush in a five way pot after a five way flop bet/call. I'd probably give it up and just say hey I played that terribly. The pre flop raise should be bigger like $25 considering you stand to be out of position against ALL continuing players. You can then pot the flop and shove turn. They way it played out, I wonder why no1 has considered a check shove on the flop. With 5 players and flush draw out there, it will rarely get checked through. When they bet, you jam. IF it does get checked through, you can do the same on any turn heart. This way you retain fold equity, you get called by weaker hands, and sometimes you even get weak flushes to fold.

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