Stone Cold Reads, Doug Hull, Oct 29th 9pm ET

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Hey everyone:

You know the drill by now - another month, another live coaching session. This time round we have RCP co-founder Doug with a novel take on hand-reading and betting lines. Doug's starting question for this presentation is essentially: if you knew what they had, would your betting line make sense? Since he lives next door I figured I'd ask him to elaborate:

If we have a Stone Cold Read on the Villain's range and his future actions, will our plan make money?

This topic was inspired by a former Vegas grinder who was excellent at reading people, but terrible at math. In his question, he made a pair of Aces but suspected he was out kicked. His plan was to block bet Flop, Turn and River and jam if he hit two pair. Hero assumed that the Villain would bet bigger than Hero would call if checked to, thus the block bet. Was this a good plan?

In Doug's book Poker Workbook for Math Geeks he discussed the "addition and subtraction" fundamentals of poker math. In this webinar, he will be using a variety of calculation tools such as Flop Falcon, Flopzilla, Equilab, and just a plain calculator, pen and paper to "smoke test" plans. People often formulate a plan in poker, but have no way of knowing if that plan is any damned good.

If you can formulate a plan like the above one, e-mail it to [email protected] to have a version of your plan tested in this webinar. These must be in early, so send them now.

As usual we've provided some prep material for you to do on your PRO dashboards. In addition to that, Doug recommends you review his PRO video on bracketing as well as a mathy one called Expected Dollars.

See you there !

~ Kat
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