Lead or Check Raise River?

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Short history I was SB with AT spades. There was a button straddle in a very active 1-3 game. I open to 30, BB was a drunk aggressive player(in for $1500 in this game), who flats as does the button. Flop comes 9,8,3 rainbow(the 3 was a spade). I check, BB bets 25, button folds, I call hoping to pick up a draw. Turn is K of spades, I check, BB bets 35 I call again hoping to hit. River is 5 of spades.

My dilemma here is normally I'd always lead out and for at least pot sized amount(players have commented in the past that they thought that bet size looks like a bluff), when targeting players I assume will pay me off when taking this line. I really thought villain would barrel, so I checked(with the intention of jamming $250 behind) villain checked as well, who turned over pocket 9 for a set.

My question for others is how do you approach trapping drunk aggressive players? Should I have not even bother considering deviating from my normal strategy, or do any of you find value in checking there?


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    At the risk of sounding obvious, the problem with a check-raise is that it requires the cooperation of your opponent. So it's certainly legit to check if you're very confident your opponent will bet, but ideally you'd also like to be pretty confident they won't call if you lead.
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