How do you build a bank roll from nothing

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So I have recently moved to a new state and finally have access to a regular 1/2 no hold'em game that is capped at 50BB buy in.

However having just moved and no access to a regular game previously, I'm starting from that dreaded spot of having no bankroll.

I understand the importance of bankroll management and know that two buy-ins does not a bankroll make. But I'm at a loss for where to start and would like to avoid spending 6 months squirrelling away to have enough for a bankroll and not play altogether during that time.

So I have a couple questions.

1. How do you start a bankroll in the first place?
2. What sort of bankroll do I need to even consider playing regularly (1 to 2 sessions a week) at a 1/2 no hold'em 50BB table
3. Given the specific game I mentioned above, is there validity to researching and studying short stack play, say 30BB ($60) in this case to stretch my backroll further as I build it?

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  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 4,863 -
    To answer your last point first, short-stacking can be a valid strategy, particularly for less experienced players, but it doesn't follow that it stretches a bankroll further. Typically at and below 30bb you'll be getting all-in a lot either preflop or on the flop.

    I think a better way of approaching this is asking what exactly is a poker bankroll? Contrast it to, say, going to the movies. if you're one of those strange people who enjoys going to movie theatres, thereby exposing yourself to germs and other threats, do you have a movie bankroll? Presumably you have some sort of discretionary income that goes towards hobbies? And it can be replenished.

    It seems to me that people view a poker bankroll differently because they tacitly assume that it's going to grow. For 90% of live players it doesn't. Playing poker incurs an expense like going to the movies.

    Honestly the easiest way of getting a bankroll is to not spend money on other things. There's no short-cut unless you want to get into the headache of staking.
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  • PajoryanPajoryan Red Chipper Posts: 64 ✭✭
    Is bonus whoring at online poker rooms a thing anymore?
    I recall years ago being able to earn bonus $$ at poker rooms if you played a certain amount of hands under a certain amount of time.
    Was a useful way of building a roll for micro stakes games.

    Do people do this anymore?

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