SPR dictates this play but ...

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1-2 full game Strip poker at 11pm. A limp another limp then V makes it 11 from the SB with 105 behind (I cover). She is a local grinder and likely recognizes me as the same. Her game is sound and tight. She's been decidedly unfriendly to the tourists from time to time and offers zero fun to the table. Her raise here is strictly for business and contains almost no bluffs or small cards.

I make it 31 in the BB with :KS::KD: . Only the grinder SB calls.

Maybe this post is over right here. At an SPR < 2 is there anything that prevents KK from getting it in?

Flop (60) comes :JS::TS::9C: SB checks. I bet 40 leaving her 65 if she calls and I intend to get it in on the turn.

Your thoughts are always appreciated,


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