Bad play or just a cooler

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This hand happened at 10nl and I felt afterwards that it was a cooler but then I started to think more deeply about it and I think I could've made a better play. I haven't studied shoving very much so that could be a leak here. A little background, V2 I haven't played with before but he seemed to be a huge fish. He had lost 170bb in the short time I was playing and not in good ways. Mainly going all in on no equity bluffs etc. V1 is a good player and doesn't make a whole lot of mistakes. Some people think he's a bot because his numbers are so good. Anyway:

V1 button 140bb
V2 SB 35bb
Hero BB 120bb

Hero is dealt :6d :6S:

V1 bets 3bb
V2 3bets to 5bb (this isn't surprising he'd be doing this a lot and often with air)
Hero calls and V1 calls

Pot is 15bb

:Ts :6c :5h

V2 checks, hero bets 7bb (my thinking was a smaller bet would get overcards, 10x and gutshots to call)
V1 calls, V2 shoves, Hero calls, V1 shoves, Hero calls,

V2 shows 1010 for a better set. V1 shows :As :5c

The rest of the board was blanks.

When V1 shoved I thought I have the best hand and what can beat me. Not the clearest of thinking at the time. But in reality there is only 3 combos that beat me at the time of the shove. So the question is did I make the right play and are there things I haven't considered that I should?



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