What does he have?

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Early stages of an MTT (4 tables, 8-max, 5k chips starting stack) and I've been running over the table mainly because I'm getting a high frequency of very good starting hands and I'm raising them over the limpers. I took AK to showdown for a big pot, besides that, I've folded everyone out of about 3 decent sized pots, and already doubled up. I'm feeling pretty good, but I was unaware how annoyed the rest of the table is getting, until this hand...
SB 50, BB 100.Hero dealt AQo in SB. BU open limps, hero raises 400, BB calls, BU calls.Flop: K33 rainbowHero c-bets 600, BB folds, BU bombs potBU aggresively throws in all 4 of his 1k denomination chips (leaving himself about 1-1.5k in change)
I could add that BU is a large, burly man with a stern demeanor and I'm a skinny a white boy of average height and very nonthreatening. So the impression I draw here is that I have a big man sitting next to me who is getting tired of being pushed around by somebody half his size and so he's trying to throw his weight.
I folded the hand, but I'm still wondering if I was ahead. Is he bombing the pot with a small pocket pair or a weak king he's afraid of getting bet off? Or does he have nothing at all and he just thinks I have nothing so can't call?


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