Implied odds calculation problem

PokerdudePokerdude Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
Three players has played a hand and I was the observer on the table, I would like to know how to calculate the implied odds for the below situation:

We are at FR table, ante is 4$, SB 15$, BB 30$

V1 : CO


Everyone folds to CO
CO raise to 60
BTN 3 bet to 150
BB called
CO called

Preflop pot size is : 150+150+150+36(all the antes)+15 = 501

Flop :9D::7D::2C:
BB checked
CO bet 120$
BTN called
BB reraise to 450$

CO called and BTN fold; Flop pot size is :501+120+120+450+330 = 1521

Turn :5D:
BB is all in for 1503
CO has 878 left and is called all in

River :6H:

BB shows :9S::7S:
CO shows :KD::AS:

What is CO's implied odds on the turn before calling all in ?


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