Putting randoms on ranges at the micros

RedPachydermRedPachyderm Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
So, in my study time, I have had issues putting my opponents on ranges and I guess that means hand reading might be an issue in general.

I play on Ignition, so no HUD stats to go off of like ACR (only two sites that I have available to me). The reason I like Ignition is that it feels more like a live environment to me. When I play live, there are no stats either, right?

So what I am trying to do, is look at a hand history and figure out what other hands would villain do this with. Sometimes my general starting point, our community ranges, doesn't actually end up including what villain had.

What tips or tricks do you all use to figure that out? Both in study time and at the tables.


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