small SPR in multi-way 2

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Assume you are in a $1/$2 game where everyone buys in from $100. UTG makes it $15, we know she will raise UTG with 15% of hands (she told us she read that in a book once). Two players in middle position call, they are both older guys and they would ONLY re-raise with aces and kings. When they have AK they say "AK is not even one pair" and when they have QQ they say "I wanted to make sure an ace or a king didn't come". But they will also call $15 with any suited ace, any suited connectors, any suited broadways (and most of the off suit ones), and whatever else strikes their fancy. The final guy to call is a fun-loving Filipino who never met a flush draw he didn't like.
So, there is already $63 in the pot. The SPR is way less than 2 and that's even before you call.
You are on the button.
What hands would you move all-in with and why?
What hands would you raise with (and what would you raise to), and why?
What hands would you call with and why?



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