HAND #7 Hand Reading - Villain Range?

LeighLeigh Red Chipper Posts: 30 ✭✭
Notes: $1/$2. I have been very aggressive over the past few hours. Nobody has tested me yet, but they are noticeably fed up with me running over the table. I think I may have limited his range too much when he didn't lead on the turn. Given my aggression he may have check a lot made hands hoping he would trap me. What do you think?
EP1 (Solid TAG) opens for $12. I have him opening 9.3% (124 combos), MP1 Boring TAG calls (11.9%, 158 combos) no QQ+, AK. In this situation what is: Strongest Pair I would Call with? JJ; Weakest Broadway I would 3Bet? AK.
3Bet Range: 5.3% (72 combos)
Range: JJ+, AKs, A7s, A5s-A2s, JTs, 87s, 54s, AKo
Only EP1 calls preflop. There are 2 players to a $115 flop
Flop: :Ad:8s:6s
EP1 checks and I bet $75. Only one card 9 or higher so TAG misses the board a lot. A is scary card if he has pocket pairs (77-KK).
When the preflop opener checks would I check or bet with; Top Pair + Weak Kicker? Bet; KK? Bet; Air? Bet and if he 3 bets fold
Value Bet: Sets, Nut Flush Draw, Top Pair Top Kicker,
Semi Bluffs: Pocket Pair Below Only Top Pair, GSSD
Range: 72% (52 combos)
Range: KK-JJ, AhAs, AcAs, AcAh, AsKs, As7s, As5s-As2s, AhKh, Ah7h, AcKc, Ac7c, 54s, AhKs, AcKs, AcKh, AsKh, AsKc, AsKd, AhKc, AhKd, AcKd
Turn: :Jh
I think EP1 bets his top pairs, I think he is check calling 99-KK and flush draws, maybe back door flush draws that just missed. If he has been trapping jams on river I will only call with two pair or better.
EP1 checks and I check behind.
Think about the range I would 3bet with and then bet the flop with. Would I continue betting with; Top Pair + Strong Kicker? Betting; Second Pair? None in my range; Air? checking behind with PP below only top card, GSSD (54s), A7, A5-A2 that can’t make flush draw.
I am continuing to bet with most of my range here. Will check behind with A7, A2-A5 without flush draws, GSSD
Check Behind: 55.8% (29 combos)
Range: KK-JJ, AhAs, AcAs, AcAh, AsKs, AhKh, Ah7h, Ah5h-Ah2h, AcKc, Ac7c, Ac5c-Ac2c, Ad5d-Ad2d, AhKs, AcKs, AcKh, AsKh, AsKc, AsKd, AhKc, AhKd, AcKd
River: :4H:
EP2: Bets $150 ($265 pot). I am getting 2.75:1 and need 26% equity to call. I don’t know what he would have to bet $150 with. If he had JJ would he have checked the turn hoping I would continue to bet the turn and the river? When I check behind he must think I call with a lot of my second best hands (two pair A4s and pairs Ax).

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