HAND #7 Hand Reading - Villain Range?

LeighLeigh Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
Notes: $1/$2. I have been very aggressive over the past few hours. Nobody has tested me yet, but they are noticeably fed up with me running over the table. I think I may have limited his range too much when he didn't lead on the turn. Given my aggression he may have check a lot made hands hoping he would trap me. What do you think?
EP1 (Solid TAG) opens for $12. I have him opening 9.3% (124 combos), MP1 Boring TAG calls (11.9%, 158 combos) no QQ+, AK. In this situation what is: Strongest Pair I would Call with? JJ; Weakest Broadway I would 3Bet? AK.
3Bet Range: 5.3% (72 combos)
Range: JJ+, AKs, A7s, A5s-A2s, JTs, 87s, 54s, AKo
Only EP1 calls preflop. There are 2 players to a $115 flop
Flop: :Ad :8s :6s
EP1 checks and I bet $75. Only one card 9 or higher so TAG misses the board a lot. A is scary card if he has pocket pairs (77-KK).
When the preflop opener checks would I check or bet with; Top Pair + Weak Kicker? Bet; KK? Bet; Air? Bet and if he 3 bets fold
Value Bet: Sets, Nut Flush Draw, Top Pair Top Kicker,
Semi Bluffs: Pocket Pair Below Only Top Pair, GSSD
Range: 72% (52 combos)
Range: KK-JJ, AhAs, AcAs, AcAh, AsKs, As7s, As5s-As2s, AhKh, Ah7h, AcKc, Ac7c, 54s, AhKs, AcKs, AcKh, AsKh, AsKc, AsKd, AhKc, AhKd, AcKd
Turn: :Jh
I think EP1 bets his top pairs, I think he is check calling 99-KK and flush draws, maybe back door flush draws that just missed. If he has been trapping jams on river I will only call with two pair or better.
EP1 checks and I check behind.
Think about the range I would 3bet with and then bet the flop with. Would I continue betting with; Top Pair + Strong Kicker? Betting; Second Pair? None in my range; Air? checking behind with PP below only top card, GSSD (54s), A7, A5-A2 that can’t make flush draw.
I am continuing to bet with most of my range here. Will check behind with A7, A2-A5 without flush draws, GSSD
Check Behind: 55.8% (29 combos)
Range: KK-JJ, AhAs, AcAs, AcAh, AsKs, AhKh, Ah7h, Ah5h-Ah2h, AcKc, Ac7c, Ac5c-Ac2c, Ad5d-Ad2d, AhKs, AcKs, AcKh, AsKh, AsKc, AsKd, AhKc, AhKd, AcKd
River: :4H:
EP2: Bets $150 ($265 pot). I am getting 2.75:1 and need 26% equity to call. I don’t know what he would have to bet $150 with. If he had JJ would he have checked the turn hoping I would continue to bet the turn and the river? When I check behind he must think I call with a lot of my second best hands (two pair A4s and pairs Ax).


  • PocketRocketsPocketRockets Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
    Given his 6x opening early position, I think villains range is composed of a lot of suited aces and probably AKo and AQo. My reading of his opening is probably to try to isolate us given our probable LAG reputation on the table. If he is doing that and is ready to play OOP, he is in it to win it. I whink he won't have suited connectors like JTs, QJs but a lot of suited aces.

    So this :Ad:8s:6s flop can connects decently well with his opening range. Surely the point made above by Leigh is that he can have strong pocket pair but I don't understand this move since he could have opened 3x and give himself a good price to set mine. But given our agressive status at the table maybe he wanted to avoid being 3 bet.

    A bet getting called to me is a clear sign of a trappy strong Ace or a strong draw or a pocket pair that his trying to bluff catch the Ace we're kind of representing here.

    So it's a pure check back on the turn to reevaluate villains action. He could really jam on us with a busted draw or an ace hoping to get called by a weaker ace (because we could have AJ in our 3 bet range giving the interesting blockers)

    With this more than half pot but not overbet, I really think it's an Ace trying to value bet against another ace. So I call with an ace giving the good pot odds but not trying to bluff catch with second and third pair.
  • CluuuuuuuutchCluuuuuuuutch Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
    I agree with PocketRockets. He could rarely play this line with 99 and 1010. It's hard for most Vs to turn hands with showdown value into bluffs when there aren't really any natural bluffs. I'd expect to see A10s at the absolute minimum. This is almost always AQ, AK or JJ.

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