Was I To Tight Calling 3bet OOP Live Players Hand #8

LeighLeigh Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
I am generally a very tight player and have not been in many games where there was a 4bet preflop (three bets are rare). As I analyze how I would play the hand, my range that I would check call the turn pocket As, which I may call to let the solid LAG continue as the aggressor. Was I too tight, protecting myself against the Solid LAG?
Notes: $2/$5. MP2 has been at the table for about an hour and has made himself the target. Playing very loose and already rebought once. MP2 (Terrible) Limps, CO (NIT) Limps Behind, SB (Hero) raises to $40 (8x isolation bet to get head up against MP2). In SB, after two limpers, am I raising or completing with:
  • small pocket pairs? folding
  • AK, ATs? raising
  • suited connectors? only KQ, 76
Raising Range: 7.84%
Combos: 104
Range: 99+, ATs+, A5s-A2s, KQs, K8s, 76s, AQo+
BB (Solid Lag) 3bets to $100, limpers fold, and I 4bet to $250. In building my 4bet range I would call or 4bet:
  • AK? call
  • QQ? call
  • TT? call
Given the solid page in the BB I want to be able to call a large percentage of the times he shoves.
4bet Range: KK+, A5s
Flop: :Ah :Td :7c
I only 16 combos would 4bet preflop. I am more likely to bet:
  • Top Pair? (A5s) cbet
  • KK? cbet
  • Air? I have no air on this flop
Cbet Range: 81%
Combos: 13
Range: KK+, A5s
The BB calls my 4bet. 2 players to $510 flop. Given the hand I 4 bet, am I most like to check or bet with
  • Top Pair? I only have A5s most likely betting to protect my weak kicker.
  • KK? betting to protect my KKs
  • Air? No air in my range (is this a mistake?)
I check, BB bets $200, and I call. I am getting 3.55:1 to call (only need 21% equity). If I check I suspect that BB is betting most of his range believing I have missed the flop.
Checking/Call Range: 23%
Combos: 3
Range: AA
Turn: :9d
This puts a diamond flush draw on the board. Great if I have A5d here. Given my line would I am likely to check or lead with:
  • Top Pair? Check
  • Second Pair? None in my range
  • Sets? Checking to let BB continue to be the aggressor
I check, BB bets $400 into $900 pot, I fold. I really can’t get here with my range, I only had AA left and I am not folding sets. If I step back and checked called all my range on the flop, Then Top Pair (A5s) (have 57% equity), KK has 42% equity against his range at the turn. When check call his $200 bet on river, I would have to think I was going to see LAG bet the turn and river. As played, I see the $400 bet on turn that if I call I am pot committed so I fold my hands with less then two pair. I would have been much better off betting $200 on flop and folding A5 and KK to a raise. Really shows the value of protecting KK and top pair weak kickers with a cbet.

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