How to calculate expected value (Cbet)?

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I was doing some equilab experimenting and I have a quick question about how to calculate EV.

small blind 5$ big blind 10$ (eff stacks 1000$)
folds to BU who opens to 25 and BB calls.

Flop 55$

For this example,we assume a BU opening range of ~43% and BB flatting range of about ~15%

Let's say,BU (43% hands RFI) cbets all the time with all combos for a 1/3 pot size (18.15$) and has ~45% equity against BB cold calling range.

What would it be the correct input on "If you win,what's your expected profit?" in this calculator?

55$ or 55$ + 18.15$? Assuming that our bet gets called and therefore 18.15$ adds to the pot?

And then in the equity,should it be that 45% (BU RFI range vs BB CC range) or is it the equity of my betting range (same as BU RFI in this example) vs BB call flop cbet range?


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