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I pretty much only play Ax suited hands, like I do not play K3s, especially OOP, or for an expensive price. So lets say I have Ax suited, I am on the BTN, lets say the POT is $20 and the board has 2 hearts no pairs, Player 1 bets $10 on the flop, Player 2 calls, its safe to say I can call this right? Now if he overbets to idk maybe 50 bucks thats when I need to fold correct? I guess what I am getting at is What percentage of my stack can I reasonably chase a flush draw that will break even 1/3 times? I am almost starting to think its a losing play if it costs more than half pot to continue? Is this the correct thinking?

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    And sorry for the newb questions
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    TheGameKat wrote: »
    I think the simplest way to think about these spots is to break it down into pieces, so...

    Do I have direct odds to call?
    (In your first example, the answer is just about)
    If no, do I have implied odds to call?
    (In your second example, the answer is we don't know without more info)
    If the answer to both questions is no, I'd then ask, do I have much fold equity and if so should I raise?

    In detail you also need to consider the preflop action and the hand/range you're likely facing. For example, the nut flush draw against a pair is around a coin-flip with two streets to come, so if you figure that is the situation you're in, you're rarely folding.

    Ok I do start with pot odds and make my way down that list in my head... especially against pockets I don't mind calling this down if I hit I get paid because they are ballooning the pot usually from over cbets... I probably need to give Fold Equity a little more thought make sure im not overlooking anything. Using the odds to make my decisions on all streets have really paid off for me recently, than implied with an occasional bluff so i need to look at fold equity much more. Maybe i am leaving money on the table on those flush draw flops.

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